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Home Caregiver Services For Seniors For Independent Living

Professional caregiver services can allow seniors to remain in the familiarity and comfort of their homes for an extended time. Often, all that is needed is assistance with life maintenance chores like cleaning, cooking, and shopping. Others may need reminders of when to take medications or need assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and the like. Those with more serious disabilities may require 24 hour care. Home care services can provide a level of care that is custom tailored to the particular needs of the senior.

Studies have shown that there is a significant decrease in depression in seniors who are enabled to remain in their homes with home care assistance over those who are moved to a senior care facility. They enjoy a higher quality of life with greater independence and dignity in familiar surroundings filled with their possessions and memories. They enjoy increased peace with reduced anxiety and stress that results from being moved and unsettled. These reasons and more are why many families seek home care alternatives to institutional care for their elder loved ones.

Though there are cases in which a nursing home may be the best option for a senior no longer able to live independently, it is not the best choice for most seniors who can remain at home with assistance. Nursing home staff cannot provide the level of individualized, compassionate care deserved. Neglect and even abuse are often cited occurrences in nursing homes that families understandably do not want to risk subjecting their loved ones to. Though family members may be willing to provide this care themselves, many are unable to due to job and family obligations. Employing elder care home services offers the preferred alternative.

Reputable, experienced senior care services provide trained, compassionate caregivers who are carefully screened. They understand the concerns of bringing a stranger into the home and go the full distance in verifying credentials and references, performing criminal and abuse background checks for every home care employee. They offer the flexibility of providing only the services needed, when they’re needed, from full-time, 24 hour care to a welcome once or twice weekly break for a family caregiver.

When that time comes when a senior is no longer able to do it all to live a safe, healthy, and comfortable life without some help, look into using home caregiver services first. These trained professionals have the skills and caring to help the senior maintain a dignified, independent life for as long as possible.

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