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Home Water Filters: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Over the past decade or so the world has seen somewhat of a shift to healthier living -mainly due to an increase in obesity and the diseases associated with it. It’s been a slow process, but many have begun making better choices for both themselves and the environment. This can be seen in the incredibly large consumption of water. While it’s amazing to see more people purchasing bottles of water rather than bottles of soda, the impact those plastic bottles have on the earth is astounding.

In 2009, over 5 billion pounds of plastic bottles and jars were tossed out in the United States. Of that, less than 2.5 million pounds were actually recycled. These statistics don’t only include plastic water bottles, but you can be certain a good chunk of it once housed water. A small, simple solution that can have a large impact is making the switch to filtered water, both at home and in the office. Imagine if everyone in just the United States simply switched to home water filters, only purchasing a bottle of water on the rare occasion. That number of plastic bottles thrown away would drop dramatically.

However, people should make note to purchase bottleless home water filtration systems. Make sure to invest in a system that connects directly to a water line. It is not only a better decision for the environment than a dispenser that requires changing bottles frequently, it will also save you money. Why bother purchasing large jugs of filtered water when you already pay for the water dispensed in your home? It’s not cost effective at all. With a connection to your own tap water, users can enjoy refreshing, clean filtered water any time -without needing someone to lift those heavy jugs or pay for extra water. There is no need to call for replacements or have someone to pick up old bottles.

Water filters for the home can lessen our carbon footprints, helping to make the world a little less polluted. Even better are the health benefits. It’s no shock that tap water is full of sediment, impurities, and potentially bacteria. Our bodies will greatly appreciate the taste and health benefits of clean water. Not to mention many agree that filtered water has a more palatable taste. Better tasting water also means better tasting food when we cook.

Home water filtration systems are helpful for the environment, good for our bodies, and money-saving investments. With all these benefits, it is hard to understand why more people have not made the switch! When you choose filtered water, your body and the planet thanks you.

One Touch Water is the optimal choice for water filter systems, both for the home and the office. Enjoy clean, healthy water and go green by investing in one of our many home water filters. To learn more about the benefits and see our extensive range of purified water systems, check out our blog.