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Home Water Filters: The Smart, Convenient Choice

Many consumers already believe purchasing bottled water is incredibly convenient and is the ideal choice where health is concerned. The water comes from the waterfalls of Fiji or the flowing springs in the valley of a mountain, after all. What could be cleaner? Tap water. Tap water is actually no different than the majority of bottled water. Upon investigation, several credible news sources and researchers discovered many bottled water manufacturers are using none other than purified tap water. Although it clearly states the information on the label, some wrongly assume that because it is in a bottle, it must be cleaner, healthier.

Why would anyone bother paying for the same water they can easily access at home with the help of a home water filter? Think about how often you purchase a bottle of water. Some buy it by the case-full in the supermarket, stocking up for the week. Every week, or every month, consumers continue to spend money on extra water, a liquid you already pay for at home with your utility bills. Now consider the cost of a home water filter. Whether it is a cooler that hooks up to a waterline, attaches to the faucet, or is a refillable pitcher, all of these options are far cheaper -both in the long and short run. Even the cost of filter replacements still do not add up to how much one can spend on bottled water.

Besides the cost, filtered water from the home is far more accessible. No trips to the grocery store or the deli around the corner to enjoy the crisp, clean taste of sediment-free water. Consider a home water purifier that connects to the waterline, also known as a Point-of-Use filter. Other coolers use 5-gallon jugs, which are incredibly heavy and take up too much space. Some consumers may need to wait for their next delivery before they can even replace it! Also, they are horrendous for the environment, just another addition to the million tons of garbage we produce. Water from a filter is BPA-free and it is fresh, no transportation or storage needed.

Need to take water on the go? Reusable water bottles, thermoses, and canteens can be purchased at any home goods store. This is not just great news for thirsty consumers, it is wonderful news for the planet. Roughly 86% of plastic water bottles in the U.S. end up in a landfill. Not even half are recycled. To actually manufacture plastic water bottles requires 1.5 billion barrels of oil annually. Does not sound so convenient anymore, does it?

Do right by your body, your wallet, and the earth by switching to bottleless home water filters. is an online retailer specializing in water filter systems for the home. Enjoy sediment-free, healthy water and be eco-friendly by investing in one of our many home water filters. To learn more about the benefits of filtered water and our purified water systems, check out our blog.