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Hot Bathrooms

As winter is quickly setting in, our homes are dropping in temperature day by day and each room of the house is going to require extra heating if we intend to keep a comfortable level of warmth. One room in particular where we feel the cold chill of winter more than other rooms is the bathroom. Spending time to yourself relaxing in a bathtub or unwinding in the shower is a great way of relieving stress and tension after a hard day, but clambering out and feeling the effect of a freezing cold room is a sure fire way to destroy your bathroom experience. There’s nothing better than spending some quality time in a hot bathroom in the middle of winter; being safe in the knowledge that you have a toasty towel and a warm bath awaiting you at your house as you tackle the wind and the rain is enough to pull anyone home just a little quicker! Here are some simple ideas and suggestions to help you consider what methods you could take to create your own personal hot bathroom. Add luxurious features and fixtures throughout your bathroom; a heated towel rail can be a fantastic way of heating your bathroom as well as providing you with a toasty towel to dry yourself with. Features such as this serve more than just one purpose; impressing family and friends as well as warming your bathroom and being a modern luxury. Heated flooring is another modern feature that not only adds to a luxurious bathroom experience but also heats your bathroom. This produces a hot bathroom and a warm floor to step onto after a long soak in your new tub. Keep in mind that style is just as important as practicality; consider adding stylish, modern fixtures such as designer radiators, and heated steam proof mirrors. These accessories look great in any modern home, whilst simultaneously being of great use in your new hot bathroom. Bathroom mats are another great accessory that are just as practical as they are luxurious; a soft surface onto step on with bare feet a can absorb moisture, stop slipping and feel wonderful. Having double glazed PVC windows installed in your bathroom in another great way of keeping out the winter breeze, this is a fantastic means of insulating heat and providing added security when applied to every room in the house. There are frosted PVC windows available which many people feel are more suitable for a household bathroom as it maintains privacy and helps to relax.

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