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How Big of Packages Can Bike Messengers Carry?

Many San Francisco delivery services have a bike messenger division. In cities of that size, the downtown centers are very busy, and difficult to navigate by car, not to mention all the hassles that are associated with parking. By using bike messengers to transport their smaller cargo that only needs to travel short distances, courier companies can offer a fast and cost effective service to their customers which is perfectly suited to certain situations.

Bike messengers can be extremely convenient, but they are limited to an extent in terms of the kinds of cargo that they can carry. The biggest limitations that are placed on a bike messenger are those of size and weight. It is impossible for a bike messenger to carry packages which are larger than a certain size, and also those which are heavier.

The weight limit is an easy one to establish. Most courier companies simply state that their bike messengers will not carry any individual package which weight more than ten pounds. This is a safe limit for them because it means that the messenger can carry several packages of that size or smaller and still be able to ride their bike with relative easy.

Establishing a size threshold is a little trickier, and the truth is that bike messengers to carry packages which come in a wide variety of sizes. The thing to remember here is that the messenger is riding a bicycle. Usually, they will carry the packages that they are given in a small bag or satchel that they carry with them over their shoulder so that they can use their hands to ride the bike. Therefore, anything which doesn’t appear like it could easily fit in such a container is probably too large for a bike messenger.

Sometimes, people try to push the size and weight limits of what their bike messenger will carry for them. Usually, this is done because bike messengers are so cheap. There are no fuel or vehicle costs to contend with, which makes them the most affordable option for same city short distance deliveries. However, remember that a bike messenger can always refuse to pick up a package. If you request a delivery to be made and your package is to heavy or large, the messenger should simply refuse to pick it up, at which point you will have to find another courier to move your goods.

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