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How To Add Value To Your Home In 2011!

As the housing market continues to struggle through the so called recovery of the recession, more and more homeowners are opting to add value to their existing property instead of moving home. This way, homeowners can add value to their home and reap the financial benefits as and when the property market improves. Larger home improvements such as extensions and conversions, if done properly and efficiently, can make the home a much more enjoyable space.

1 Reinvigorate the Kitchen:
A kitchen is perhaps the most used room in any household; cooking is a key aspect in the home and therefore the kitchen is considered to be a place where the average busy family comes together. Phil Spencer, presenter of Channel 4s Location Location Location, highlights how the kitchen is in fact “the heart of the home” and for this reason is a room that represents personal flare and character. Phil highlights that the kitchen is in fact the first room that a prospective property buyer looks to change to show off their own individuality, so it is advised that you make your kitchen somewhat of a blank canvas if you are looking to make a quick sale. Therefore, do not spend thousands of pounds on a quirky or fashionable new kitchen, just in the hope to add value to your home, as you will be unlikely to receive a return on your expenditure.

A better idea perhaps is to just freshen up the kitchen space. For example, replace what may be worn looking cupboard doors or counters, or maybe just add a lick of paint to the walls. Adding new flooring can also brighten up the space. There is plenty of cheap laminate wooden flooring available which not only gives the impression of a bigger floor space, but it modernizes a kitchen and is easier to clean and maintain.

2 Update the flooring:
Different styles and forms of flooring can immediately add flare and character to a room, but it can just as easily make a room look lifeless and dull if that flooring is old and worn or damaged. While re carpeting a large room can amount to quite a hefty bill, it is a brilliant way of reviving a living space. Although, this is just not an affordable or worthwhile option for some, so an effective alternative could be to simply add a rug. Rugs are much cheaper than carpet and can become an interesting focal point of a room whilst also giving the room a cosy atmosphere.

A further alternative, as mentioned above, is laminate wooden flooring. This not only instantly opens up a room but, although it is cheap, it can look modern and classy if installed correctly. As I understand it, laminate flooring Is not the most popular choice by homeowners as many believe it can make a room look and feel cold. However, adding a rug quickly minimizes this as does, the more expensive option, of adding under floor heating. Now before you dismiss this option as an unnecessary expense, it may be worth looking at its benefits. Most new build properties now include under floor heating as it is an economical method of heating a property. Therefore, investing in this method of heating ensures your property remains current and makes your home attractive to the modern buyer.

3 Adapt a garage:
If your property has a garage that is unused then it is probably advisable to convert it into an added room, say a dining room for example. This is especially applicable if you have a lot of parking space which can easily be used by multiple vehicles at any one time. However, if your parking space is limited, and there is no room to extend it, then an alternative could be to extend your garage into a double garage. This is extremely popular with larger families in more rural areas, where multiple cars are necessary to just to get around. Double garages are also multifunctional as they can also be used as work stations for individuals who enjoy the odd bit of DIY, or even those who work in the creative industries, such as in art and photography.

4 Thought of a conservatory?
Conservatories are perhaps more commonplace than they once were, but nonetheless they can add immediate value you your home. Conservatories are attractive to potential buyers as they provide an alternative living space that is somewhat removed from the main property. As a result it provides a quieter and more relaxed space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you want a light and airy space to use in the summer or a cosier space to use all year round, a conservatory is your answer! This is perhaps one of the most effective methods of adding value to your home.

5 Environmental Improvements:
Green living is the new trend on the block at the moment. All new build projects are not only adopting a greener way of working/building but the properties themselves are all being standard fitted with Eco friendly and energy efficient methods of heating and electricity. Most are now fitted with solar/thermal panels on the roof, loft and wall insulation and double glazed windows. Not only do such adaptations significantly slash a propertys utility bills but they also ensure that they are environmentally friendly. As all new builds are being made in this way, by adding eco upgrades to your home, you can ensure your property remains current and attractive to the evolved needs of the buyer. It is a win win situation for the average homeowner who is looking to save money whilst also hoping to add value to their home/make a quick sale.

The most important thing to remember if you are hoping to add value to your property is to avoid expressing eccentric personal style throughout the building. Neutral colours on internal walls will always be favoured by potential buyers who are then provided with a blank canvas to express their own personal style. Similarly, when considering an extension, think about how the outside of your home will look, just as much as the inside will. For example, seamless brickwork will be a huge advantage, whereas adding, say, an extension using wood onto a pebble dashed home would not attract as many buyers. For any major home improvements, always check whether you need planning permission and always shop around for quotes from builders, your first quote may not be the best deal available.

Here is just a small taster of a few changes you could make to your home to add value, save money and make a good sale. While this list is by no means a definitive one, there are a few tips on there that are guaranteed to helping your property on the current tough housing market. Whether you are looking to make some big changes or just a few simple and affordable changes, make sure you cover every avenue to ensure you get the most out of your property.

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