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How to Build a Successful Customer Relationship Management System

A companys ability to interact with clients, customers and sales prospects is very important. This why a specialized technique referred to as customer relationship management was developed. It utilizes technology to organize, synchronize and automate business processes. This technique is mainly used in sales but can also be applied in customer service, marketing and technical support. With proper use of this system the issue of attracting and winning new customers as well as nurturing the existing ones can be achieved. Other direct benefits of CRM include reducing the costs of marketing and client service.

How to conduct CRM within a budget

The success of CRM programs is mainly pegged on the ability of the company to stick to a given budget. This is where many companies fail with some companies opting for very stringent budgets and others starting with very high budgets. However, the best way is to set down budget goals by considering four main areas. These are:

Risk assessment

Its very important top analyze all the risks involved when you are starting your CRM project. Risk assessment in most cases equals to the expenses. Its therefore necessary to consider preparing worst case scenarios. Being fully prepared will help you lessen the risks involved in the project.

The payoff

When embarking on the customer relationship management, its important to know the exact return on investment expected. This will help the user of the CRM system to focus on projects in the right areas. Understanding the ROI will also help you plan the process better.

The services

Before embarking on the CRM project its important top check beforehand all the services required. Its possible to overlook some areas which will add to the final bill. Some of these areas include meetings, testing times and the duration of debugging the CRM system.


Since the customer relationship management system is based on technology, its good to choose wisely as the wrong choice will result in huge losses for your organization. The worst cases are those when the entire system fails completely hence you will be forced to spend more money rectifying the system, money that you were not supposed to use in the first place.

Once you have the customer relationship management in place its good to work on improving it. This can be done in three main areas, namely demographics collection, good record keeping and marketing to different customers.

Demographic information on your customers should always be collected. This includes the gender, age and type of customer. This can be done at the time of purchase or at a later date. Doing it as a follow up also helps reinforce their purchase decisions hence building good customer relationships. Once the information on your customers is collected, its important to keep proper records. This will include what they bought and whether they bought it through a special promotion.

Finally its important to market to different types of customers. Any organization has three types of customers lapsed, loyal and brand customers. Brand customers are special since they might have made just a single purchase but demonstrated the potential of being loyal customers.

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