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How To Build Your Goals & Stay Motivated To The End

Do your research, get informed, make your lists, but then get it going. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Better to act on one good idea than to sit on 10 great ones.

Sometimes the details give you new information and you have to disseminate that info and adjust if you need to. Don’t worry about the adjustments and being seen as wishy-washy because this is you perfecting your process.
Know that this is a process. It will never be perfect but as you get it going you will find things that work and things that don’t.
Know that sometimes this is a costly process but if your goal is a good one, it will be worth it in the long run…really you have to see it in a Big Picture view and understand that all of our endeavors will not be home runs.
Sometimes we get a base hit and many times strike out but we are in the game.

If you never get in the game you will never win.

* Seek Counsel: Ask someone who knows. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and seek their advice.

Remember the ask principal…
Anyone who “A” sks, receives
anyone who “S” eeks, finds
and whoever “K”nocks, the door is opened.

ASK, ASK, ASK until you get what you need. Get over being afraid and simply ask…you’ll be surprised by the willingness of others to help. Some may shun you but keep at it.
Just make sure the people you are seeking are knowledgeable and of good character.
Sometimes this process involves spending money which again, is fine, so long as it relates to what you need and will benefit your endeavor.
View these expenses as an investment in your business rather than money out of your pocket. In effect, if it helps you make more you are actually purchasing an asset.

* A great inexpensive (actually free once you get the unit) way to get valuable info is through podcasts. If you don’t have an ipod or some sort of mp3 player, get one.
You should be able to consider it a business expense (check with your tax advisor) but view as an asset in your growth.
I would highly recommend the expense because you can get all sorts of free info via the podcasts of your choice on all sorts of different topics. This tip alone is worth thousands.

Learning is a continual process. Think about math way back when, and how you learned what then complex ideas in steps were.
One idea built on the others already learned.
You cannot jump into the complexities of calculus, geometry or even division without first having mastered the basics of addition and subtraction.
One complex idea builds on the other foundational basics.
Get your foundation down; learn, learn, learn then act, act, act.
Monitor your progress and refine your process.

Hope this helps and remember to keep the Big Picture in mind when planning your business.

Michelle Garcia grew up in a family filled with entrepreneurs and has followed suit, herself being an entrepreneur for over 10 years. She is the Founder of as well as and