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How to Discover Winning Article Ideas

How would you like to increase traffic to your website without paying a red cent?

You may be aware of the benefits of writing and submitting articles to achieve this goal, but did you know that to be truly effective your articles must grab readers’ attention and keep them riveted to your article? Otherwise, how will they see your author box on the bottom of the article and click on your website link?

To create articles that grab readers you need a steady stream of hot ideas, but how can you continually generate them?

First you need to have the right attitude — the mindset of not giving up until you’ve succeeded in learning how
to discover winning ideas.

Yes, the old-fashioned “P” word is PERSEVERANCE!

Here’s what Albert Einstein said about this virtue:

“I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent. . . curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined
with self-criticism have brought me to my ideas.”

He had learned the secret of not giving up until he had achieved his goals. So can you!

With a little determination and access to the internet, you’ve got a virtual gold mine of hot ideas just waiting to be uncovered.

Here’s how you can mine super ideas online:

1. Check out high-ranking article directories to see which topics related to your website draw readers. The most popular titles in directories are often listed. That will give you ideas about what aspects of your business people find most compelling.

2. Be aware of current trends by researching news through the internet, newspapers and television. Articles related to issues spotlighted in the public arena should attract readers.

3. Visit top sites similar to yours to discover popular topics.

4. Keep up with blogs and forums related to your business. Hang out at online bulletin boards in your subject niche.

5. Notice questions people are asking on the forums to get new ideas.

6. Look up quotes by famous people to spice up what you’ve written.

7. Find your favorite authors at top article banks and read their articles. Don’t plagiarize. Just let them inspire you.

Here are some idea-generating techniques:

Check out articles you’ve already written to see if you can put a new twist on one of more of them.

Brainstorm. Think of a single core word for an article and then think of as many words as possible connected with it. Write them down.

Think in terms of new articles as you go through your day. Be on the lookout for unique ideas in surprising places.

Ask a set of questions about your article topic before you write it. Later on answer each question in paragraph form.

Imagine someone has asked you for advice and let your article be your answer.

As you’re learning new skills, write articles about them. For example, if you’ve built a website — you’ve got a wealth of information to share with newbies about choosing a web host, learning html, choosing a text editor, selecting and using an autoresponder and a multitude of other skills.

So no more excuses about writer’s block for you!

The information in this article should keep you busy discovering great article ideas from now on.

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