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How To Find The Best Pool Service In Lancaster

It is hard to picture summer in Southern California without swimming pools. With temperatures ranging from 75 – 110 for five months out of the year a swimming pool is a healthy way to stay cool and hydrated during the hot season. Regular pool maintenance is essential to safe swimming experience. Many public swimming pools are shut down do to improper maintenance. Low levels of chlorine can expose swimmers to recreational water illnesses. Recreational water illnesses often manifest as diarrhea but can also cause rashes, ear infections “swimmers ear”, wound infections and eye infections. Chlorine kills most bacteria and algae very quickly but certain bacteria such as Cryptosporidium, commonly known as crypto can take days to die even in a properly serviced pool.

The key to prevention is for all swimmers to be sure to wash hands before getting in the pool. All young children should be taken for bathroom breaks regularly and any diaper changes should be done at designated area not poolside to limit spread of germs. Make sure children with any gastrointestinal upsets are kept out of the pool. However, even if proper hygiene is kept up outdoor contaminates can and will get into the pool so regular chlorine shock treatment are necessary at least every two week. Also proper ph ranging from 7.2 to 7.8 must be maintained in a pool to maximize effectiveness of chlorine. Regular testing with test strips to make sure the ph is in range and at least 3ppm of chlorine is upheld is essential to proper pool care. This is where a train profession comes in making the job of pool ownership simple. At Great White Pool and Spa we specialize at pool service in Lancaster. We make sure to keep your family safe from recreational water illnesses so you can just enjoy your summer.

Aside from the potential dangers of pools, swimming is an excellent addition to a person’s life. Water- based exercise has numerous health benefits. It is great cardiovascular exercise which is shown to decrease chronic illness without the added pressure on your joints and muscles. Water based exercise has also been shown to help with arthritis and depression. Not mention a great way to make memories for the whole family. So contact Great White Pool and Spa to hire the best pool cleaners Lancaster.

If your pool smells strongly of chlorine, you need to contact your Pool Service Lancaster because something isn’t working properly. The smell is actually the combination of chlorine and other contaminates such as sweat, urine, sun screen and lotion. This combination is called chloramine and is an air born hazard that can cause asthma or allergies. Chloramine is actually what causes the red irritated swimmers eyes. The more urine in the pool the stronger the smell of the chloramine and the less clean it is. If the chlorine is bonded without substances it is unavailable to disinfect the pool from other dangerous bacteria. So if you notice your eyes burning in the pool it probably means there is not enough chlorine in the pool not too much.

Written by Craig White

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