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How To Make $100 A Day With Ebook Directories

Many people online look for that one big opportunity that will make them millions of dollars. The truth of the matter is that there is not ONE big opportunity, but several good opportunities that will make you a lot of money. Keep finding opportunities and using them and you will start to see the money coming in. I’d like to teach you a very easy to use technique that you can use to create a $100 a day income in a very short period of time.

Your first step in this process is to find 10 different topics. You’ll be able to find topics all around you. In the news, in forums, in the search engines, and thousands of other places. Once you decide on your topic, you are going to create an ebook 10-20 pages in length for each topic. Within each ebook, you will need to make sure you place affiliate links related to the ebook topic.

Once you have these ebooks created I suggest you also create some graphics for them. It just gives your ebook more appeal and shows people what they are getting. Since the Internet is a virtual store, you will need to give people images to relate to. I have seen my ebook download increase by over 200% by showing people a graphic of the ebook.

Now that you have your ebooks and graphics created, it’s time to find as many ebook directories as you possibly can and submit your ebooks to these directories. You can do a search for ebook directories to find them.

As you submit your ebook to more and more directories, more and more people will begin downloading them and reading them. The more people read them, the more opportunity you will have of making money when they purchase a product or service through your affiliate links within your ebooks.

So why create 10 of these ebooks?

Because you should make an average of at least $10 a day from each ebook which would give you a $100 a day income. If you’re not making this much, try putting different affiliate links in your ebooks. Test and track your affiliate links until you are satisfied with the income you are getting.

As you add more ebooks, your daily income will also go up.

You don’t have to use this technique with affiliate links only. You could also use this technique to drive traffic to your website that you have placed Google Adsense ads on. Instead of mentioning a product or service that you could get affiliate commissions on, mention your website that you have Google Adsense ads on.

With a little time and effort, you could easily be making $100 a day with this easy and simple technique. If you put a little hard work up front, you will reap a lot of rewards in the end.

Liz Tomey has been involved in the direct mail marketing business since 1998. In 2004 she took the Internet marketing world by storm with where she offers several products and services to help marketers take their businesses to the next level.