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How To Make a Spa Marketing Offer No One Can Refuse

The offer what it is all about…the reason you are going to the trouble of writing an ad to attract new clients or get your current clients to come back into your spa. The offer is what needs to grab the heart of your prospect and match their “need” perfectly. It needs to appeal to their emotions and motivate them to BUY! Here are some tips for writing killer offers they can not refuse:

– Keep it SIMPLE! Be sure you do not confuse the reader when presenting the offer.

– Keep it clear and precise. Do not be too wordy, use bullets and lists to make it easy to understand. Remember, your “skimmer” type readers just want the facts and making the offer easy to understand and quick to scan will be most effective better than wordy copy that does not get to the point.

– Always keep the viewpoint of your reader. You want to keep the focus entirely on them, helping them to envision themselves using your service or product or achieving what you are promising. Use the words you, your, or yourself. Get them involved and nodding yes to what you are saying.

– Name Your Offer. This is another area where you can have some fun. Name your offer something that coincides with theme or something that further explains the offer.

– Walk them step by step through your offer, even splitting it into parts. This builds value.

– Offer Different Pricing Choices – The best way to do this is to offer a Good, Better and Best – or at least a Basic and Deluxe.

– Encourage fast response by offering a bonus(s) if: they respond by a certain date, before X spots are filled or before product is sold out.

– Tie a base level bonus to your basic offer and a really hot bonus with your deluxe offer.

– Let them choose from a list of bonuses. I really like this one because it shifts the customer into thinking about which offer they want, NOT IF they want.


You can not talk about offers without spending a good part of the time going over deadlines. Man, oh, man…if you are not putting some sort of deadline in your copy you had better just “fagedaboudit”!

So you send a letter, decent copy, nice offer…but no deadline. Why should they respond now? Why not wait and think about it? You know what happens then…they forget it and move on.



Make them stop in their tracks and say “Holy Frijoles, I had better respond now before I miss out on this price and those great bonuses!”

How do you do that? Here are a few ideas that you can use to instill urgency with a deadline:

– A limited time offer
– Limited supply
– Notification that prices are going up soon
– Reply within X days
– Reply by X date
– Limited to first X who respond
– Reward of bonus for fast response

You can even do multiple deadlines:

Respond by X date and get my early bird offer of __________, PLUS if you respond by the Super Early Bird date of X you get this extra bonus of ____________.

Place the deadline right after the offer, they work hand-in-hand together! I often put a sticky note with the deadline info on the front page. You can also include it in your subhead.

Tell them what they will gain by taking action now AND tell them what they will lose by waiting.


Barry Nicholson and his wife Darlene are professional direct response marketers, copywriters, and creators of the only hands-free marketing system for day spas. Get their free groundbreaking 47-page report called “The Ultimate Spa Marketing Plan” at