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How to Make Money Inside a Booth

Still remember the most sought after commodity by Superman, also known as Clark Kent? Just to give you a hint, every time Lois Lane decides to have herself involved in a life threatening situation that often times involve a 100 feet drop of a building, Clark always runs in to this little place that he has found salvation in. Yes, that’s right; telephone booth. Back in those days telephone booths were normally used to make calls, annoy the other person falling behind you and of course change into your red and blue tights to save an accident-prone girl falling of a building. Yes, those were the days. The days when the phone booth would be the venue for all the drama that surrounds the city life.

The phone booth, the one place where Superman can run into without any fear that someone will recognize him behind the mask of the mild manner reporter known to us as Clark Kent. People come and go to phone booths for all the different reasons. Some to start a fight, some to end it and for some to win the love of their lives. Yes those were the glory days of public telephone systems. Phones have been part of our daily lives and have since made clear to us the importance of real time communication. Everyday we make and take about a hundred phone calls, each ahs its own little story and each has a different purpose. Today there is a new use for booths and telephones, and people are now making money for answering and making calls to us. They call it the customer service hotline.

It may not be much to listen to, but believe me there are hundreds of the gargantuan phone booths that are scattered all over the United States alone. There are about several sites for just one service, products, and even commodity. And by the way these telephone answering service are growing you can be sure that there’s more to it than just sitting inside your booth and answering phone in questions.

The industry all started when people started having complaints about the product or a service that they’ve purchased from a certain company. People started thinking that they needed more than just simply having their complaints aired through the phone. And people started suggesting that companies should put up a customer’s service booth within the vicinity of the trading area.

And of course when complaints started swamping the people inside the booths about their concerns, more booths were needed. That’s when companies started thinking that there is a building need from them to answer all their customer’s concerns and still be able to make some business.

And on the business side of thing putting up booths in shopping malls and groceries were logistically impractical. So they decided to deploy the technology telephones. Of course it was more practical than spending a couple of hundred dollars to put up a single booth and not have answered all the customer’s concerns. So they thought why not build booths inside office spaces and let the customers use the phone to call in their concerns. It was an instant hit, no longer were the companies forced to put up booth after booth after booth in commercial areas all they needed were some people, ten to fifteen phones and a lot flexi glass to go around the office floor to make booths for each person. And the business has never been so much better.