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How to Make Money

What is the secret of making money?

It’s invention.

Ingenuity in the marketplace.

It’s seeing a new pattern and pouncing on it. It’s what technical traders do in the stock or commodity markets.

It’s devising a new strategy. It’s what managers who have free rein to express their initiative do.

But, most often, it’s creating something new. It can be entirely new. Or it can be a twist on something that has popular appeal.

Most people, for some reason, don’t know that making money is about invention.

They think it’s about conformity.

It’s what has been drilled into them in school. It’s what they first encounter when they join the workforce.

It’s a socially-reinforced belief that traps them into mediocrity.

They learn the rules then do their best to play by them.

Usually, if they work for someone, they play by the rules they have been told to obey.

Those slightly more independent, work for themselves; but they too try to learn the rules that others in their field use.

And even in investing, this strategy of finding out the rules and playing by them is followed.

Yet, pause for a moment, and look around you.

Those struggling to pay their bills are the only one’s playing by the rules.

In this group, they are two types: the enforcers and the enforced. It’s a miserable situation for both because neither express their own true nature. Instead, they’ve become numb to creativity. Their attention is preoccupied with either force or resistance.

The few who are actually making money are enjoying themselves. It’s an exhilarating game for them. Money is a way to keep score. The game itself absorbs them.

What is this game?

It’s invention.

They are pumping new ideas into the marketplace. They creatively maneuver their way in the world. They try different things, experiment constantly, test bravely, but never give in to the belief that failure is a possibility.

If they adopt someone else’s strategy, they tweak it until it works for them.

The rules they play by are general rules and they feel free to innovate within them.

Those who struggle all their lives to make ends meet know only highly specific rules, rules that ruthlessly crush their initiative and enterprise.

Money likes creative people. Brave people. It likes inventors.

Initially it tests those who move forward with an original idea, pushes them to a point where it seems defeat is inevitable, then it rolls at their feet in ecstasy.

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