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How to Market Your Blog for Optimal SEO Gains

Ok, so you’ve created your nice shiny new blog, and you’ve been adding high quality postings containing lots of useful information on a regular basis for a few weeks (or months)… whats next?

Review Your Blog

First, take stock of your blog’s set-up, and make sure its ready for debut;
1.) Do your postings have some relevant key word content in the headings? If you’re intending to improve your overall ranking across search engines, remember to “optimise” the page just as you would any other page of your site. Decide on the keyword phrase you are targeting, make sure its used in the heading. Make sure its highlighted in the body text, particularly in the first and last paragraphs.

2.) Do your postings contain a “clickable” link or two back to your site? By this I mean a “proper” link in the format (a href=””)Example Link(/a) and not just your plain URL. To build traffic, you want to make it easy for people to get to your site!

3.) Does each posting contain your “Author Details Panel” that credits the articles and postings to you, including your (clickable) site URL information? Make your links open in a new window – thats a kind gesture to those who’d like to return and finish reading the original page…

4.) Have you made a statement of your copyright constraints, if any? Perhaps you should encourage people to copy and distribute your blog content, providing the Author Panel remains intact? That would be the best way to ensure widest distribution, and the consequent proliferation of valuable 1-way links back to your site! Write up your requirements, and post it as a page, which then generates a permanent link on your Blog menu.

Blog Marketing

You will probably want other people to read your blog in order that they may appreciate your literary genius, right? But of course, nobody knows where its at yet, so you’ve got to give it some publicity. The first step should be to add a prominent link to it on your own web site, or sites – pretty obvious, you’d think? However, in all the excitement, that is sometimes overlooked!

More importantly, if you want it to start generating lots of nice new incoming links, and generating serious traffic increases, you’ve got to actively “market” your blog to the places that blog readers go… and “Where is that, pray tell me do?” I hear you say…

Well, the ping services you’ve added earlier are all well and good, but due to the volume of spam and garbage postings, some discipline had to be installed into the blog process to exert some control. Your site is no doubt “pinging” a variety of servers each time you create an entry. However, before any significant transfer activity takes place, you will have to front up and formally register yourself and your blog with as many of those services as possible.

The process is analogous to submitting to a normal search engine or directory, and pretty much for the same reasons. In some cases you may be asked for a reciprocal link – not too much to ask for the favour about to be rendeered to you. In other cases, a “donation” might be requested. Before handing over the cash, have the sense to check the Google Page Rank of the site… its got to be high (5+) to be worth it!

The challenge is finding all these blog directories… but a brief search will show that there are listings available.

By the time you’ve spent a day working through the 150+ directories accessible from the various links you’ve located, you’ll be in good shape to get that traffic counter ticking along. Your postings, and the consequent “ping” to the various services, should now have your content distribution flowing right along.

Good luck!

Ben Kemp is a free-lance
SEO consultant and offers more blog listing tips at Blog Directories