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How to Prepare Your Home for a Scottsdale Home Remodeling Contractor

Whether you are doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation, changing a floor, or adding a room it is important to make sure you have prepared your home for a Scottsdale home remodeling contractor to do the work. There are many details to think about to make sure you are preparing yourself and your home physically and mentally for the work to begin. This article will help you prepare your home for a Scottsdale home remodeling contractor.

Knowing what to expect from the job is half the battle. By having good communication with your Scottsdale home remodeling contractor you will be able to begin the preparation process. It is important to be prepared for the dust, foot traffic, losing access to kitchen sinks or bathrooms. Here are some things to ask your Scottsdale home remodeling contractor before the project begins.

Get a timeline for the project from your Scottsdale home remodeling contractor. Knowing what will be happening and when it will be happening will help give you piece of mind as the project moves forward. Clarify whose responsibility it will be – the Scottsdale home remodeling contractor’s or yours – to pull the permits that will be needed for any electrical, mechanical, building or remodeling work. This must be done before any construction can begin.

When obtaining a building or remodel permit for your projects, make sure you get them in your name. Many times, the Scottsdale home remodeling contractor that is doing the work on a major remodeling project will get the permit in their name. This can cause a problem, however, if you end up changing contractors in the middle of the project or if the contractor quits for one reason or another (unfortunately, I’ve run into this situation many times as we are hired to take over in the middle of a project). If this happens and the building permit is in their name rather than yours, you will have to pay for another one.

Make sure to get boxes ahead of time. This will allow you to pack up the items that you won’t be using during the renovation. Also, move any pictures, mirrors, furniture or other items that you don’t want to get covered with dust from the renovation. Pay attention to walls adjacent to the project since vibrations to walls can occur while the Scottsdale home remodeling contractors are working and items could fall.

Another thing to communicate to your Scottsdale home remodeling contractor is if there will be pets and children around during the project. It is important to understand that some projects can take a while to complete and this can be frustrating for children if they get out of their routine. Also, you will want to make sure the Scottsdale home remodeling contractor understands to take extra care with doors and gates so pets don’t escape. If there is a day when doors or gates must remain open it may be best to kennel your pet.

Finally, it will be important to you, the Scottsdale home remodeling contractor and your neighbors that you plan for the traffic and parking needs of the workers coming to the job site. When obtaining the schedule ahead of time, ask not only how many people but how many vehicles will be arriving. Also, ask if any of the vehicles need any special access for delivery purposes. By planning for this ahead of time you will eliminate a lot of frustrations and help to keep the job on track.

Linda Zimmerman is co-owner of Republic West, a leading home remodeling contractor specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, interior remodeling, room additions, energy efficient window and door replacement, cabinet re-facing and more. For more information about Scottsdale home remodeling contractors, visit our website.