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How to Promote Any Affiliate Program ? A Simple 6 Block Formula…

Have you ever tried promoting an affiliate program ?

I bet it is not so easy. You might have been tempted by the ads that promise to send you 10,000 hits to your site for $10 or the page generation softwares that promise to get you tons of search engine traffic to your site instantly.

You might have even tried few of them just to see that it is a next big hype on the net. Infact the traffic that you receive is not at all targeted and will not convert any visitors into sales.

I am sure you are hunting for an ultimate solution.

Top internet marketing gurus promote their site all day long using the 6-step system that I will show you. Here YOU Go…

STEP 1 – Search Engines.

I will give you some extremely valuable resource that will explain you this topic much more effectively than I can.

Visit This site will show you how to construct your webpages and submit them to hundreds of search engines and directories absolutely FREE.

Visit This site will teach you everything you need to know related to search engines.

STEP 2 – Exchange Links.

Exchanging links will help you in two ways…

* Get your site top rankings in search engines which will get you truckloads of traffic.

* Attract targeted traffic from your link partners.

Doing it all by yourself is a tiresome job. Download ‘Zeus’ absolutely FREE by visiting

‘Zeus’ will help you to find and contact link partners quickly and easily saving you lots of time.

STEP 3 – Write Articles.

Write simple but valuable articles related to your niche. Put a resource box at the bottom of your article that includes a small ad and a link to your website.

You can consider this article as an example. It is really simple to write one. Isn’t it ?

Search for some ezine directories and ezine publishers in your niche at and submit your articles to them. If your article gets accepted you will get truckloads of targeted traffic instantly.

STEP 4 – Follow Up.

Collect email address of your visitors at your site by offering them some FREE gifts or some ecourse.

Then send them weekly newsletters or some weekly tips. This will attract them towards your site again and again.

STEP 5 – Pay Per Click.

After you make some income using the above FREE promotion methods, start advertising in pay per click search engines.

Some of the top pay per click search engines are…

Keep tweaking your ads and bids till you get best response and conversion rates.

STEP 6 – Ezine Advertising.

You can place 5-7 line ads in ezines for around $10 to $50. These low cost ads will drive hoards of targeted traffic to your site in a short time if your ad is eye catching.

Try out different ads till you get one that pulls in best response. Then use this ad in a number of ezines to pull in HUGE profits.

Just follow these 6 simple steps and you are on your way to affiliate riches.

NOW pull up your sleeves and get down to work.

Just imagine… having a site up and attracting 1,000 or 10,000 visitors per month on autopilot making you cold hard cash.

What if you create 10 affiliate sites within a year or two each pulling between $500 per month automatically ?

This is the power of multiple streams of income that internet has made possible. So get started right NOW.

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