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How to Protect Our Eyes

Eyes are one of the most important facial organs of five in our face. People usually say that eyes are the windows of the soul. Having a pair of bright, clear eyes will reflect a sense of vitality and beauty. However, we know that the structure of the eyes is so complex that we should pay more attention on them. In order to avoid myopia, stark, dark circles or eyes wrinkles, we should not only offer good nutrition, but also protect them in our daily life.
People should develop good habit in life, such as,
Correct reading and writing posture;
Don’t reading while lying, walking or sitting on the car;
Reading in plenty light;
Relax after reading for every hour;
Don’t be a finicky eater. Give plenty of nutrition to our eyes and body;
Keep distance when we watch TV and have a rest every 30 minutes;
Make sure to have enough sleeping, and regular schedule;
Make regular eye examination. If find some wrong, treat them timely.
Next, let us learn some easy exercises to protect our eyes.
First,Let our whole body relax and close eyes, warm two hands by rubbing then quickly to cover eyes with the hands, remove suddenly as the warm heat lifted and at the same time exert ourselves to open eyes. It can improve eye blood circulation and metabolism if do these actions for 3-5 times each time.
Second, no matter where we are standing, finding a green tree at least about ten meters away from us as circumstances will permit, and to identify the contours leaves of the tree for 25 seconds. During this time, we should concentrate our mind and not squint, blink frequently. Next, lift our left palm about 30 meters away from our eyes and to see the lines in our palm one by one for 5 seconds. Then we look the tree again after this exercise about 20 times in 10 minutes.
Third, if you have already studied the eye exercises at school, it is very good, so you can do it every day. If not, we can learn some other standard eye exercises through the Internet.

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