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How To Recognize The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Women who have habits that would be dangerous to continue during pregnancy should be sure to learn the early warning signs of pregnancy. The sooner these dangerous habits stop, the healthier the baby will be. These dangerous habits during pregnancy might include smoking, drinking, doing drugs, strenuous physical activity, lack of nutrition and more. Being aware of the signs of pregnancy will help all women to take better care of their unborn children.

There are some well-known and common symptoms for women who are pregnant. There are some less well-known symptoms as well. There are subtle signs that women can watch for that can also help them to determine if they are pregnant. Each pregnancy is different which means that the signs can and will vary. The more common signs that are well-known to the general public would include morning sickness, missed periods and nausea. Of course, if any of these signs appear, be sure to take a pregnancy test.

Some of the lesser-known symptoms of pregnancy are far more subtle. In fact, any one by themselves might be relatively normal for women to experience. It is when they happen altogether that a woman should realize it’s more than just coincidence. Swollen or tender breasts are becoming more and more well-known; however, some women do not realize that this can be a sign of pregnancy.

Fatigue and tiredness is another symptom. No one would necessarily know based on just this symptom as millions of people struggle with tiredness and fatigue every day. On its own, it does not mean that a woman is pregnant. When one is experiencing this along with several other recognizable signs she should consult her doctor and set up a meeting to find out if she is pregnant.

Backaches and headaches are relatively common for pregnancy. These usually happen due to the sudden changes in hormone levels for the body. These can come and go and are often more frequent throughout the course of the pregnancy than in everyday life. It is very common for women to experience extreme physical discomfort in all parts of the body, especially the hips and legs.

Frequent urination is another way to tell there’s a baby on the way. The baby often rests on the bladder which causes one to need to visit the bathroom far more often than they otherwise would have. Typically, the frequency of bathroom breaks increases throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Indeed, there are several tell-tale signs for pregnancy. It is important to research them in order to predict a pregnancy as soon as possible.

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