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How to Shop Wisely? —30 Rules For You (Rules 1-10)

Every woman loves shopping. But how to buy things that you really like with little money, which you don’t have to be regret of wasting money on the things that useless? Or you may also have many questions about how to shop-of course you know how to shop-to shop wisely. So now, we will share some tips with you.

1.While you are buying clothing, try more sizes.
You should try at least 3 pieces of the same design clothing with different sizes to decide whether they are suite for you. The size on the drop marked will be definitely different for different designs. Only if you try them on, you will find which size fits you best.

2.Make a shopping list before you go shopping.
It is very useful and helpful. Make a shopping list will allow you to be more clear about what you want to buy, and through a shopping list, it is more likely that you will buy the things you need. A clear shopping list can help you make decision while you are facing with various commodities and prevent you from buying things out of plans.

3.Dress up before going shopping.
Match up your outfit with clothing and accessories. You can draw with a little light make-up, or the fluorescent lamps in the dressing room will make look pale.

4.Go shopping alone.
Many ladies like to go shopping with their friends, so that they can share many stories with them, and they can seek shopping advice from their friends.

Thought their advice may be useful, but if you go shopping on your own, you will be more focus on looking for the things you list, which will eventually save a lot of time. After all, it is you that will wear those clothes.

5.Don’t force yourself to shop.
While you are going shopping, you don’t have to buy anything. You may think that it will be a waste of time going shopping all day without buying anything. But remember; don’t force yourself to buy something, especially buying things that you don’t like. In most times, the purchasing in this case will be bad experience.

6.Try them on.
Clothes hanging with shelf can show little attractive unless you try them on. If you think you have some interested in the clothes, you should try them on before you go away.

7.While you are trying the clothes on, you should do the following things to examine whether they suite you.
Find a mirror that you can see yourself with different angles, and do some postures. For example, bend down, sit down, and walk. If possible, you’d better check it in various lights.

8. Avoid the rush hour.
Just go shopping in the daytime or dinner time, when you can avoid the rush hour. If you want to enjoy the best shopping environment, and buy things with better mood, it is essential.

9. Buy clothes that fits you.
Choose the right size for your stature. Some ladies like to buy the clothes in a smaller size because of their weight loss plans. But in most times it will make them look fatter. If lose weight successfully, you can find many clothes that fits you. Before that, you can try to find some tips about how to dress slimmer.

10. Buy clothes that meets your style.
Perhaps you are dreaming of wearing the suit and a 3-inch high heels, but in fact you only wear trousers and low-heeled shoes every day. Then you what you buy should be latter. An essential part of fashion is comfort and can reflect your daily life. No matter how much you like them, if you buy the clothes that you won’t wear in your daily life, they will be a waste of money.

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