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How to Successfully Place Your Online Training Certifications on Your Resume

After you have trimmed down your choices as to the training course that you want to pursue and have eventually decided to obtain your degree online, the question that stands at the moment will be as to how this online course is going to have an impact on your resume later on. Will this online degree be acknowledged by employers in the business world, and will international companies even take a second look at your resume?

There are some advantages and disadvantages in getting an online degree, and you must exercise care and make sure that the course you choose is coming from a legitimate distance learning college. The reason behind this is that in 2003, there were four hundred establishments which earned money selling fake degrees and bogus programs, as reported by USA Today. There were a few legalized e-learning centres but the quality of education they provided was not at par, and the environment created for learning was not conducive.

Because of this, employers were doubtful about the knowledge that is obtained in an online learning center. Some of these employers were anxious about the substance of the courses offered, the curriculum, and also with the results of the training when the learning environment is web-based.

To help students who wish to acquire an online degree and to make sure that these online trainings are legitimate, the U.S. government’s National Board of Education has given authority to six accreditation agencies. These six establishments study and accredit learning centers that provide distance learning and online courses. This process helps both student and employers distinguish the lawful learning centers from the bogus schools, and they also set educational standards which are to be met by these online institutions and their courses.

Nowadays, the distance learning world is filled with online educators competing to be the best by boasting of features like online libraries, online testing centres and virtual classrooms, to name a few. The courses they offer include those which are certified by internationally renowned accreditation agencies which are dedicated to distance learning.

There are other dedicated accreditation establishments that approves only specific online training courses. These agencies make sure that the online courses meet the highest level of training standards, with the degree’s curriculum as its primary concern.

Most of the employers prefer accredited schools from known agencies because accreditation for them is a seal of assurance and is a guarantee of quality education that meets specific standards. In the parents and students’ point of view, getting a degree from an accredited school guarantees them that the qualifications they acquired from their online training is legitimate.

An essential consideration prior to enrolling in an online program is the institution’s accreditation which should be recognized by the Department of Education of the US. Also, further inquiries can be addressed the CHEA, or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. As an NGO, CHEA looks over on agencies which certify US online colleges and their offered programs, and creates rules and performs studies about concerns related with certification.

When you are ready to create your resume, be sure to write down your online certification and be specific about its accreditation, outcome and relevance. In the end, it will be your employer’s discretion as to whether to look further into the authenticity of your online course. Employers may act uneasily around your resume, with all the bogus certifications they may have encountered in the past, but as soon as they see that your college and course have been recognized by the US Department of Education, they will certainly let down their guards. Detailing the accreditation of your online training degree will keep potential employers from disqualifying your application right away.

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