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How To Turn Your Hobby Into An Online Business

Turning a hobby into a business is probably every entrepreneur’s dream. If you are able to combine the pleasure you derive from your pastimes and the ability to make hard cash, then it’s probably the dream job of everyone. Make money while having fun! With the Internet, it is even easier to publicize and sell your products or services, at very little cost. Yet, as with anything else in business, nothing is that simple. There are considerations that must be addressed in order to ascertain that the business is viable and can be sustained.

The Market

There are probably hundreds of thousands of hobbies. This does not mean that each of them will be interesting to a sufficiently large number of people so as to constitute a viable enterprise. Not everybody likes stamp collection; yet if you find enough people to sell rare stamps to, then you have a market. In other words, some level of market analysis is important. A hobbyist would already be aware of the concepts, psychographics and demographics related to that hobby, so that market analysis should not be difficult. However, it is important to undergo this step, and ensure that there is a market, before proceeding.

The Business Plan

Business planning is a crucial part of every business, and is even more so in the case of a hobbyist. The business plan helps the would-be entrepreneur answer some critical questions like:

What is the quantity and type of capital to put in?
When profits are expected to come in?
How will the business run itself?
What other skills will be needed to run the business?

In answering these questions, certain issues become clear: financing requirements, cash flows, operational issues and staff recruitment. At the onset, the hobbyist becomes aware of the level of investment required of him.


This is a critical step for the hobbyist. Since the hobbyist is mostly attracted to the fun aspect of the activity, some may be put off when it becomes arduous. Of course, in business, things are not always fun and games. When the activity becomes repetitive, resembling more a job than a hobby, the question is whether the hobbyist will pursue it. Determining your own level of commitment is essential to the success of the enterprise. Many businesses fail because of a lack of commitment on the part of the entrepreneurs.


There are possibly thousands of people enjoying the same hobby as you, and hundreds of others who want to turn it into a business. If you are selling books on stamps on the Internet, you may find that the competition is quite stiff. How will the customer find you? In other words, you need to develop a strategy to stand out from the throng. This includes marketing, advertising, and market positioning.

Online Tactics

The Internet is a fabulous and cheap way to earn cash through your hobby. If you are sufficiently knowledgeable on the subject, you could be writing and selling e-books. There is a huge demand for great, unique e-books on the Net. Of course, you will need to establish your presence on the Net by building your own website. You can earn cash by allowing advertisers to put in their related ads on your site. Each time someone clicks on their ads, you are certain to collect a commission.

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