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How To Use Aluminum Makeup Cases For Floral Decoration

If you have old aluminum makeup cases laying around your house then throwing them in garbage is a waste of money, time and creativity. Of course there are those that will argue that hundreds of recycling firms will benefit from the aluminum makeup cases that they have kindly separated to be taken away. While there is some truth in this, they are also failing to answer the question: how can I benefit even more from these aluminum makeup cases? If you like the thought of transforming old stuff into something new and exciting then this article will give you some tips about using old aluminum makeup cases for another purpose.


It does not matter if you are using expandable aluminum makeup cases or normal ones, because both can be used. You will not need any type of special tools to cut the aluminum makeup cases and will find that it is both inexpensive and original to transform your case into a floral decoration platform. The tools that you will need for the grand transformation are:

-1 pair of scissors
-Expandable or two side storage aluminum makeup cases
-Silk flowers with colors according to choice, however with balance
-Anchor Foam and anchor pins*
-Position Spray

*The deeper the aluminum makeup cases you have the more anchor foam you may need to use to highlight the type of floral decoration that you have in mind.

Preparation Idea For Triangular Floral Arrangement in Aluminum Makeup Cases

The royal rule about floral decoration is that they should pass harmony and balance in the design that is chosen. However, you are free to use the colors that you prefer and that blend in with the surrounding environment you plan to place the recycled floral aluminum makeup cases.

Step One – Select the flowers that you plan to use for the floral arrangement

Step Two – Glue the anchor foam in the aluminum makeup cases according to your preference. As a tip, if you are using expandable aluminum makeup cases then try to ensure that each floral arrangement that you plan to place in each compartment remains on the same level. You will notice that you may have different floral arrangement size, but this should not bother you.

Step Three – Determine the height and horizontal width of each triangular floral arrangement that you plan to place in the the different compartments of the aluminum makeup cases. You can do this by selecting the the tallest flowers for the height and then establishing the base. As a tip always ensure that the height is larger than the base of the triangular floral arrangement.

Step Four – Work your way from the flower used to establish the height of the triangle in the aluminum makeup case with flowers that are shorter. You will notice that you will be working your way with larger flowers and then smaller flowers to create the triangular appearance in the aluminum makeup cases. Use the scissors to cut according to needs and the anchor pins to hold the flowers in place.

Step Five – Fill in the floral arrangement in the aluminum makeup cases with smaller flower to create more body in the design. You may use the position spray and ensure that the flowers stay according to how they were arranged.

Useful Tips

Prior to inserting the anchor foam in the aluminum makeup cases you may also change the color of the exterior by painting it or wrapping it with paper of your choice. This is entirely optional.

Do not worry about the handles that will appear nor the aluminum used to hold each compartment or side in place. This is not a traditional floral arrangement that uses vases, but one that seeks to highlight the possibility of using old aluminum makeup cases as pieces of artwork.

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