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How to Use Articles To Drive Amazing Traffic To Your Site

There are many ways that you can help raise your search rankings organically and drive additional customers to your website. Using articles as a way of raising awareness of your site may be the easiest and most cost effective method that you can use. Because it increases your backlinks to the site, it can also be the most powerful as well for increasing your search rank and traffic.

By writing articles about the subjects on your website, you can directly help your website in several ways. These articles give your site additional authority on a particular subject and also keep visitors on your site longer as they read the articles. They will also return to the site more often if this content is updated on a regular basis, so the site will benefit through the natural traffic of repeat visitors as they add you to their favourite list for a particular topic.

Additionally, if you’re creative and write these articles optimized for very specific keywords, you can increase the search rankings based on the number of times a term is counted on your site. If you are clever, these keywords will be incorporated into the articles in a very natural way and not be apparent to the casual reader. This will have a major positive impact on the search results for that particular keyword term because of the word count on your site and help boost your traffic.

Another advantage articles offer is establishing you as an authority on a subject. By constantly creating articles on a particular subject you soon become recognized as an expert on this subject on the web which will help you build a readership that follows your future articles. This will boost the number of sites that link to your articles and give you those much coveted backlinks that search engines love. Also, as you create these articles, you should be submitting them them to as many article directories as possible to increase the exposure of the content. Because you have included your websites address and contact information in these articles, you are guaranteed to increase traffic from all of the readers of these articles as they propagate your content on the web.

Creating and submitting articles to article directories is something that every website owner should be doing on a regular basis as a way of building backlinks. The search engines consider many factors when they calculate the ranking of a particular site, and how many times the site is linked to by other sites is one of the key factors. By creating articles about topics on your site, you can help create these links from other sites. The ranking of the site that links to you is a key factor that search engines consider when calculating your ranking. The higher the ranking of the site linking to you, the higher your ranking is raised by association and the better your traffic. One of the ways to get linked to by these higher ranked sites is by developing a reputation as an expert on a particular subject and producing a steady stream of very good articles.
Ezines are another great place to use any articles you produce. These online magazines are always looking for fresh and current content for their readers. They are often more than happy to accept your content for publication and will usually keep your contact information and website links intact when they add it to their publication. This helps your reputation as the expert on a particular subject and adds credibility.

If you can’t create these articles yourself, there are a lot of locations on the web where you can purchase specific content that is written to your needs. If you do decide to purchase articles, be sure to secure the full rights and then you can use them in as many ways as you want. What this means is that with one well written article you can submit it to several venues at once that will help you expand its reach. This really illustrates the power that using articles can have on improving your website traffic.

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