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How To Write A Cv/Resume For The Cruise Business

Careers in the cruise industry are definitely great job opportunities for people who love other people, who love to travel, and who have an innate desire to help and cater to people’s needs. Definitely, this job profile isn’t a walk in the park. Similar to a lot of professions, a career on a cruise ship can be busy and hectic especially when the peak season kicks in.

If you’ve decided that this is the job for you, the next step that you should proceed to is creating your resume. Your resume is like your personal representative. With that in mind, it will have to be crafted perfectly and convey the most essential components to get you the job.

Start with the Essentials

Your resume should always incorporate all your essentials first. Have a good letterhead and a decent cover so that people can see that you have put in a lot of effort into making your resume look good. The essentials will include things like your full name, your phone number, your address, and many more. On top of that, you should also have your resume within 2 to 3 pages. Try to avoid going above this figure because something that’s too long will seem too desperate and something too short will look incompetent.


When writing a resume for the cruise industry, always focus on your greatest achievements first. This will tell them precisely what kind of training you have done and will more or less gauge your capability to perform your duties. Your education will convey a lot about you. That is why if you’re still in the process of deciding and you are still in school, try to attain the highest achievements you can. On the other hand, if you’re done with school you should just focus on your skills.

Experience, Background, and Skills

Employers will want to see someone who’s got enough experience in the profession. This doesn’t mean that you have to work in the industry immediately; you can just jot down your previous job experiences so that they can see how you’re able to deal with others. Furthermore, include about 2 to 3 contacts or references so that your resume won’t look as if it was just made up. Alternately, you can also do an internship in the cruise industry. This will actually be more beneficial to your resume as it indicates that you’ve got the desire to enter this kind of job.

Keep in mind, your experience and education will serve as the most essential role in your resume, so you should invest a lot on these factors.

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