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How Video Can Help Your Website

With so many videos online—thanks to websites like YouTube, Viemo, Sorenson Media, Hulu, etc.—who wants to read anymore? A recent study, conducted on October 9 by comScore, revealed that over 167 million US viewers watched an average of 167 videos per year Many companies have started to implement video tours and “screen casts” to their site to help increase traffic and website activity. Video media aids to grab the attention of the viewer more dramatically than a simple image or text normally can; this makes it a useful tool for internet marketing. The beauty of video is that you don’t just tell your viewer or customer what your products and/or services are, but you show them! TV is video format; the only problem is that “it comes at you” … the internet is controlled by the viewer … you see and hear content of your choice and at a time of your choosing.

Videos are a great tool to showcase your products and/or services online. I can’t tell you how many times I went online to buy a program and didn’t know whether I should buy it or not; but when I saw a video that answered all my questions about the product, I immediately knew that it was for me and I took out my credit card and bought it. Videos can be very persuasive when someone is actually ready to buy. When you watch a video, you can actually see what you are getting with greater detail then just reading about it. It just feeds more of our senses and sensibilities.

Many sites also produce “screen casts,” or video tutorials, to educate the customer how to use something. For example if your website is about “how to design a website using Photoshop” you can record yourself, or one of your employees, designing a website in Photoshop while narrating important functionalities step by step. To record your self performing a demo, there are many programs and application out there, such as jivox, sceenr, pixorial, animoto, or jaycut. The way I see it: if people go to YouTube to watch things that don’t really make any sense, they can just as easily go to a website that provides valuable information.

Video media isn’t that difficult to add to your website. You can create your video, upload it to YouTube or Viemo and then copy and paste the embedded code provided for your video onto your website. With all of the technological advances in today’s media, video is the most obvious to add to your internet marketing strategy.

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