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How Your 401(k) is Used to Rob You of Your Wealth

As I have been observing world news in the light of the elite’s agenda for a New World Order, I have found out so many financial scams that they are playing in order to rob Americans and the whole world off their wealth.

They create so many sophisticated terms and systems that make everybody feel stupid in order to make it easier for them to steal our wealth in a legal way.

Financial systems and scams as common as the 401(k) is wrapped up nicely by a financial planner to make it look appealing for the average but is really a big ugly scam to make you dirty poor.

Most people have lost 40-60% of their retirement money in their 401(k). However, financial planners have not changed their advice and keep telling these people to continue investing in their 401(k).

Their excuse in keeping their argument is that the market will go back up again as the current recession is only a temporary setback. They explain that withdrawing the money once they retire will only be taxed with a lower tax rate and that this is a great advantage for the elderly.

Unfortunately the vast majority in the United States don’t even understand that by following this advice, they are stepping into a plan that will actually rob them of their wealth as opposed to give you security for their retirement.

People just choose to talk and seek advice from whomever they first meet. They just don’t consider the background of their financial planner they are asking the questions to.

You should understand that financial advisers or planners are usually paid by several mutual fund companies and therefore whatever they advise you may not be 100% objective.

They are hired men of these companies with a goal to lure people into giving their money to these companies in the name of security for their retirement. Many of these so-called financial advisers never really study the economy at all. They are skilled in selling and making profit for their employers.

Considering this fact, I hope you understand that whatever advice they are giving you may not really be for your best interest at all, instead for the company’s.

Elderly people have worked all their lives and are told to invest for their retirement. Eager to secure their future they blindly follow this trap and believe the lie that investing in stocks through 401(k) is a smart move in the long run.

However, what they are not told about is that the stock market is not an ideal place for long-term investment. Whenever money is withdrawn, the stock market will go down. Billions of dollars can be withdrawn any time within seconds.

If you are in for the long-term, you run the risk of losing your money within seconds too.

My greatest concern for the elderly is the fact that very soon baby boomers will be retiring at the same time and they will start withdrawing their retirement money from their 401(k) almost simultaneously.

Remember, whenever money is withdrawn, stocks will fall. When this happens, the lies that stock market is going to go up will be revealed. It will be way more difficult for it to rise then.

The advice of the financial planner that the market will go back up again obviously is not very accurate.

What you should also research on your own before believing whatever your financial advisor is telling you, is the last depression that the world was in around 1930.

If you look at the stock market then, you will see that it was at their 381 highest levels before it crashed. When it finally crashed, it took them 25 years to reach the same level again.

Before the 2007 crash, the Dow Jones hit was around 14,000. Currently it is a little bit above 10,000. How long will it take for the Dow Jones to reach that same level again?

It may be true that the recession is only temporarily. But do not expect it to return in the next 3-5 years or so. Learn from the last Greatest Depression in the 1930!

Another fact that you should understand about the Greatest Depression is that back in that time, US dollar was still backed by gold. In 1971, the greenback was taken off the gold standard and this gave the Federal Reserve unlimited power to print money out of nothing as much as they need.

This will cause hyperinflation and your dollar that is invested in your 401(k) will decrease in value and purchasing power.

Even if you now had US$1 million in your investment, when hyperinflation hits (and inflation is already here) the value of that much money will have decreased to only very little.

Another fact that financial planners usually don’t tell you is that the money that you withdraw when you retire will be taxed at earned income tax rates.

As you probably already know, this is the highest-taxed income.

Income that are from portfolios and passive income are income which is not as highly-taxed. However, some elderly people in the US don’t understand that the 401(k) is actually income that is considered as earned-income which is the highest-taxed income.

Financial planners may have used their selling tactics to get you all convinced that investing in your 401(k) for your retirement is the best decision you can ever make.

However, to conclude this article, you will see that by doing so you are actually losing three times:

1. You lose money because the stock market is not going to go up anytime soon,
2. The upcoming hyperinflation will rob you of your wealth as your 401(k) money will have way less value by the time you withdraw,
3. You will not receive any tax break for your retirement money

In the end your retirement plan simply looks like a plan to make you poor when you retire.

Elisheva writes to help students understand the difference between a private student loan and a federal student loan. She also writes about the New World Order.