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Hydration In The Pool With HydraKnoodles

HydraKnoodles can be used in the water and this can help you to stay hydrated while spending a long day in the sun. 

The HydraKnoodle is made out of the same material as a pool noodle. You can place beverages inside this device and they will float around in any body of water you are in for the day. Drinking fluids is very important when you are in the hot sun, even if you are cooled off by being in the water. This can be a great way to keep children hydrated and they will love drinking out of the HydraKnoodle.

The HydraKnoodle is also very easy to clean and this is another appealing factor for a family. You will be able to clean your HydraKnoodle and make sure that it is ready for the next use. If you have more than one child in your family, you can purchase more than one HydraKnoodle to make sure that each child has their own to drink out of.

When you use the HydraKnoodle in the water, it will float. This will allow you to put any beverage into the HydraKnoodle and it will not sink to the bottom of the water, it will set on the surface until you are ready to drink from it. This is a really cool invention that will impress your children while helping them to stay hydrated all day.

The HydraKnoodle has a device on the straw that prevents backflow into the HydraKnoodle. This will allow you to put it into the water and you will not have to worry about fluids getting into the HydraKnoodle. Your beverages will be safe and not leak until you drink from the straw.

You can take the HydraKnoodle anywhere that you enjoy the water the most. Many people use them in a pool, but you can also take the HydraKnoodle to the lake. If you are a family that spends a great deal of time on a boat, the HydraKnoodle can give you a fun way to drink while you are on the boat and in the water.

Another great advantage of using the HydraKnoodles is that you can keep your beverages cool also due to the insulation of the noodle. It can be very difficult to keep beverages cool while you are in the sun. The insulation of the HydraKnoodle can help you to keep beverages cool much longer while you are spending time outside during the summer. This is an invention that you will use for the duration of the summer and you can simply store it until summer approaches again each year.

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