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Hydro seeding is a method of distributing and planting seeds by spraying seeds with water. Hydro-mulching is an improved method of hydro-seeding. Hydro-mulching adds mulch to the mixture.

For grass to grow evenly and consistently it needs to be holding the seed in place and have moisture for germination. One of the keys to growing good grass is a good mulch application.

Hydro-seeding machines , also known as a hydroseeders were not designed to mix and pump the thick slurry. When hydro-mulching was developed so was the first hydro-mulching machine , also known as the hydromulcher.

A hydromulcher mixes the slurry quick and pumps the thick slurry through a long hose. A hydromulcher also has a powerful pump. The slurry is transported inside of a tank. The mulch inside of hydro-seed mixture helps keep the moisture levels of the seed and seedling maintained. The slurry also has additional ingredients such as color dye and fertilizer. The hydromulch is weed free.
The process of hydromulching begins with mixing seed, fertilizer, seed, mulch and water into the tank of the hydromulcher. After the material is mixed it is pumped from the tank and sprayed on the ground.

The mulch is often made from recycled paper or raw wood. Paper mulch is used when a lower cost solution is needed. Wood mulch is used to obtain the highest quality results.Mulch is produced in special machines that give it the fiber look. The wood fibers are more difficult to pump and mix than the paper. Most of the mulch products are dyed green to give the product a more pleasant look. The color also helps give an estimate of how thick it is when it is on the ground. It is very common for mulch to come in bags that are 50 to 60 pounds.

When the mulch is applied to the ground it reduces moisture evaporation. The grass seeds need moisture from the soil to grow. The moisture most often comes from rainfall. Good mulch applications provide erosion resistance. This means the mulch will help the seeds from being washed away. With mulch the seeds will stay in place.

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