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An hydroseeder is a device that can distribute seeds with water so your grass will be even and consistent. Hydroseeding is an alternative way to sodding but much easier. Most contractors use a Hydroseeder now because it makes their job much easier and the results are a much fuller greener lawn. After using the Hydroseeder the grass should start to come up within five to seven days. You blend in seed, water, fertilizer and fiber mulch in the tank and spray it on. The fiber mulch will then stick to the soil and protect the seeds from sunlight, wind and erosion.

The hydroseeder is user friendly that even the beginner would be impressed at just how easy it is to use. It is the easiest way to have an attractive lawn for your home or business along with making your lawn stronger and healthier and will also save you time because of the minimal effort you will have to put into it.

The hydromulcher is just like the hydroseeder but it uses a heavier slurry. It is usually used on damaged areas such as where there was a fire or a lot of human traffic.There are a few different sizes of the hydroseeder and the hydromulcher this depends on the size of job you are doing.
Some of the advantages of the hydromulcher is speed. If watered properly it will grow in about seven days. If land temperature is at least sixty two degrees you should see a new lawn in about three to four weeks. Cost: Using a hydromulcher will cost much less than planting with sod. Coverage: It creates and evenly covered area that holds seed in place and is especially great to use on hillsides and sloping lawns.The best time to use a hydroseeder or hydromulcher is when the soil temperature is about sixty degrees which is usually anywhere from April 15th to September 30th. You should be ready to mow your grass for the first time when it is at least 3 inches high. The hydroseeder and hydromulcher can and will make your life a little bit easier and your business expand.

Pageviews works with Turfmaker. The hydroseeder and hydromulcher are keys to creating the healthiest lawn possible. These tools not only outperform the bulkier machines on the market, but they also cost less. For more information, visit