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If My Shipment is Delayed, Will My Courier Advise Me of That Delay?

Most courier shipments arrive on time. Although people often live in a constant state of paranoia about courier shipments arriving late, the vast majority of them arrive within a short distance of when they were actually projected to arrive. There are exceptions to this rule though, and as these few exceptions can be incredibly disruptive to a business, it is important to know how to expect them to be dealt with. The general expectation is that your Minnesota courier services should contact you if any significant delay occurs.

Usually, the delays that happen during a courier shipment aren’t all that serious. They tend to be little things which might cause a shipment to be delayed by an hour or so, depending on the distance that you are shipping. These include delays which are caused by minor inconveniences like flat tires, or daily unexpected problems such as weather delays or unpredicted heavy traffic. These are not the type of delays which are normally going to result in direct contact.

It is when a larger delay occurs that a courier company will contact you directly. This is usually something that will happen if the delay which is occurring is going to represent a large percentage of the total original estimated delivery time. For instance, a delay of an hour or two on a same day delivery might require contact, whereas on a one week budget service, it might take a delay of more than a day.

When something has happened which is causing a significant delay to your shipment, your courier will actually call you in most cases. While other methods of contact like email are good for most communications, in situations where they know customers would want to know as much information as soon as possible, couriers will usually simply phone their clients.

Always remember to use the online status systems which are provided to you by your courier company. If your order is delayed for a serious amount of time, there is a good chance that it will be listed there considerably before you actually receive a phone call about the matter. The primary reason for this is because your order isn’t usually the only one in a shipment. The courier has to call everyone whose product has been delayed, which takes a great deal of time. The online statuses can all be updated simultaneously though, providing a much more up to date information source.

Benjamin is a consultant for minneapolis courier service and delivery service minnesota companies as well as national courier service businesses.