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Implementing Dispatch Software

Courier software has played a larger and larger role in the delivery industry as computer technology has developed over the last several years. This has gone from an industry that was operated simply by men in vans to an industry which is now totally driven and organized by courier delivery software. That means that when a courier company buys new software, it has to go about implementing it correctly to avoid serious disruption to their service.

Testing is always the first phase of implementing new software into a business. This is the same across every industry, when dealing with every kind of software. You should always test thoroughly based on a small, closed system. This will show you any conflicts with existing hardware of software and give your technical people time to solve those problems before you start rolling out the system on a larger scale.

Training your employees is the next step and probably the most important of all of them when you’re implementing new software. Nothing lowers customer satisfaction rates more than seeing employees that are unsure or confused about what they are doing. You should ensure beyond all doubts that your employees both in the office and the field are thoroughly trained and able to both use and troubleshoot the new software confidently.

The next part of the process is the planning of new marketing. Whenever a courier company gets software that improves their business in any way, this is a marketing possibility that should never be overlooked. Marketing campaigns should be completely revamped to make sure that the new value added to the company is made clear to the consumer, as customers are always looking for the most value for their dollar.

Then it is time to roll out the software. Get it installed on all the systems, all the units, and test again to make sure that everything is working smoothly. If there is going to be any system downtime during this process, you have to make sure that your customers know about it beforehand. If customers know about system downtime, it causes far less dissatisfaction than a sudden unplanned interruption of their service.

Once everything is up and running, you’re set. You can roll out the new marketing campaign, and let existing customers know what kinds of value that you’ve added to their service. New software can be very valuable in both retaining old customers and gaining new ones.

Paul McDuffy is a consultant for delivery software and courier management software companies as well as international courier service businesses.