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In Focus: The SEO Mindset

The SEO Mindset is one of the SEO courses that are making headway, just recently. It was created by renowned SEO authority, Brad Callen. It boasts of offering tactics that are “slap-proof.” Yes, the crowning glory of the course is immunity from the daunting, forbidding, spine-tingling, hair-raising…Google Slap? Uhm – huh? Immunity from a Google what? Well – if you are not familiar with it, then read on.

According to, a Google Slap refers to the nasty action that Google takes if it finds out that if people click on the advertisement that you have placed on AdWords, it directs them to a landing page that is not, in any way, related to the advertisement that you have posted. You may also be slapped if your site loads very slowly or if your site has poor quality. The wicked term was believed to have been coined by small to medium-sized online entrepreneurs who depend heavily on Google AdWords to promote their products or their websites. Each of them have spanking story to tell.

Sometimes, Google punishes rule-breakers by downgrading your Page Rank significantly. Therefore, you will have to pay a larger than usual amount so that you can get AdWords to feature your advertisement. There are also times when Google would up the price of your PPC (pay-per-click) to an insanely huge amount for every click.Among the SEO courses that are currently available on the Internet, The SEO Mindset is the only one that specifically addresses Google Slap issues.

Like other SEO courses, The SEO Mindset makes you understand how search engines behave so that you would know how to make them like your site. However, only The SEO Mindset offered a fresh perspective – which is for website owners to think like a search engine. In the course, you will also learn some insider secrets in fine-tuning your web pages so that it will skyrocket itself into the first page of the major search engines.
The SEO Mindset will also let you in on the ‘true’ criteria in achieving front-page presence – and longevity, which is not something that other SEO courses can stand firm about. It will also teach you how to determine your target audience, assess your website competitors, as well as map out your line of attack.

In effect, The SEO Mindset will guide you into developing a master battle plan for SEO. What is funny is that this system will enable you to blast your site up the search engine rankings whenever Google Slaps take place. Try to look for other SEO courses out there that will allow you to do that – you won’t find any.
The SEO Mindset is definitely one of a kind. There is nothing else that could match its effectiveness, to date.

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