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Incorporating An Electronic Health Record Process Into A Medical Office

There are many benefits of an electronic health record system over a traditional filing system which is why many health care offices have moved to this type of system. Many health care professionals are finding that this type of system is much easier to use once the transition from the traditional filing system has taken place. This electronic format allows health care professionals to easily access files quickly, store them in a more secure place, and quickly find any errors within the records.

People no longer have to go down to the storage room and search through hundreds or thousands of patient records and they can use the electronic health record software to access the records they need a lot easier. Instead, doctors and other health care workers can access the files from a secure terminal anywhere in the office or within a network. Rather than having to spend time looking for files, they can promptly access and make changes to the files that they want. More time can be spent with patients or more patients can be examined because a smaller amount time is being spent looking for files.

If files can be found as hard copies then it is possible for individuals to access them even when they don’t have the proper authorization to do so. All files are also kept together, and anyone who has access to the files will have access to all of the files as opposed to just the ones that pertain to them. Different health care professionals have different levels of security, and don’t always have access to all parts of a patient’s file. With software handling the security, people will need to have a security code to access the files, and they will only have access to the records that they are cleared to view. Because the files are stored on computers, they can’t be filed in the wrong place or misplaced altogether.

The final benefit of electronic health record software over the traditional system is that errors can be identified in the medical record almost immediately. Although uncommon, it is not unheard of that physicians have prescribed a medication to a patient that they should not take because they have mistakenly overlooked something in the file. With the electronic prescribing system, the software will automatically alert the doctor if they attempt to prescribe a medication that will interact with a drug that the patient is already taking. In case something is overlooked, these applications serve as a back-up to double check any prescriptions.

Some of the main advantages to electronic health record software would be that doctors can easily and securely access the files for their patients. It also offers a back-up or check system for medical and prescription information. Because of its ease of use, many doctor offices and health care practices are shifting to this type of software.

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