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Increase Safety and Comfort With Northern Virginia Home Improvement Projects

Multiple home improvement projects call for multiple contractors for Northern Virginia residents. Using a group of professionals that are accustomed to working together is one way of making sure there is no overlap in the work to be done and that one project will not hinder the completion of another. For example, replacing a floor and bath should not interfere with the improvements made to the HVAC work. Waterproofing a home is an important way to protect it from severe weather and moisture damage. These projects and others can be done to increase a home’s value and energy efficiency, as well as reduce safety risks to its residents. Here are just a few issues that can require a Northern Virginia property owner’s attention that might be repaired or replaced.

Bath Enhancements
If the bathtub and floor become items of embarrassment when house guests wish to come and visit, it might be time to consider upgrading these features. Homeowners can hire a contractor specializing in surfaces such as granite and marble in Northern Virginia. Replace worn ceramic tile and bathtubs with natural stone for a more modern, luxurious look that will likely become a positive conversation piece with house guests. Vanity tops and shower walls can also be replaced with natural stone materials in a variety of coordinating materials and colors. This will not only increase the comfort for the homeowner, but also the property’s value.

Heating and cooling systems needing repair or replacement are a job for HVAC contractors in Northern Virginia, not a do-it-yourself project. Systems that malfunction or cease to work entirely can be frustrating. They can even be dangerous to someone’s health on the hottest and coldest of days. The systems that were installed when a home was built will eventually wear out. A reliable contractor can make HVAC systems one less headache for a homeowner by fixing it or replacing a damaged unit with a more efficient model.

Water can not only cause structural damage, but also mold and mildew problems. Waterproofing for Northern Virginia homes can solve moisture issues and create a safer, cleaner home. Wet areas, including attics, crawlspaces and basements, affect the roofing structure and soundness of the home’s foundation. Air quality can be compromised with repeated water entry, especially during snowy Northern Virginia winters. Waterproofing will also protect the home from humidity, radon and indoor air pollution and close all entry points.

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