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Indoor air pollution can not be ignored

It is about halt a day that people stay indoors every day. A good living environment, not only conducive to better learning, working and living, but also directly related to people’s health.

With the development of industrial and agricultural production, water, air, soil, forests and environment was contaminated, causing public nuisance, and also polluted the living environment. Indoor air pollution level is far more than outdoor air pollution.

The main sources of indoor pollutants are carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide mainly caused from indoor coal-fired, gas cooking and heating, outdoor air and indoor stoves. Indoor airborne dust levels not just with housing structure, sanitation, ventilation, and the resident population, but also with the outdoor wind speed, temperature, humidity related. And also the dust and indoor clothing fibers bring on people their own clothes.

Interior decoration is chosen non-environmentally friendly composite materials, paints and coatings. It continued to emit harmful gases, polluting the indoor air. Room stench emitted mainly from the body of gas, sweat, clothing, bedding, furniture, moldy and rotten food and home goods near the factories, and refuse collection points of the offensive smell.

Microorganisms in living room mainly come from outdoor air which was contaminated and from human body. If the room environment, dirty, poorly ventilated, the microbial contamination will be more severe. In addition, air fresheners and dry cleaning of volatile organic compounds of the harmful gas, carpet as filth of the place. The investigation showed that the pollution level of indoor air is more than that of outdoor 5-20 times.

Although the room beautiful, elegant environment. However, because of harmful gas emission to indoor air pollution in the room, so that indoor air quality fell, affecting people’s health. Leads to various diseases occur, such as respiratory system diseases, headache and dizziness. In order to tackle indoor air pollution, improve air quality, and facilitate people’s health should take the necessary effective measures. Recommendations are as follows:

1. First of all, to enhance ventilation. Exhaust indoor harmful gas to the outside and bring the outside fresh air into the room. Make sure the air exchange process does not produce cross-contamination. Such as the use of ventilators (fans), air cleaner, then with negative ion generator, etc.

2. Indoor decoration must use environmentally-friendly materials. For example, non-formaldehyde composite plate, photocatalytic coatings, paints and other environmentally friendly.

3. Use adsorption and decomposition of harmful gases with functional materials and devices. Such as use purifier with activated carbon.

4. Place some flowers to purify indoor air. Such as spider plants, cactus, aloe and so on.

In short, use green materials for house decoration is a fundamental solution or maintain indoor air quality. If not all use of green materials, should also take appropriate measures to improve indoor air quality, to ensure fresh air, good living environment to facilitate people’s health.

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