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Installing ADT Makes Good Sense

In my more than twenty five years of being in the home security industry, the one phrase I have heard repeated over and over more than any is , I don’t need an alarm because this is a good neighborhood. We all want to believe that the neighborhood we live in is a safe and good to live in neighborhood. However, our desire or belief that it is a good neighborhood does not make it a good neighborhood. The truth is that your neighborhood may be good when it comes to the neighbors or it may be good because of its location but when it comes to break ins there is no such thing anymore as a good neighborhood. I hear people tell me all the time after they get broken into that they have lived here thirty years and nothing has ever happened. The problem is that it is not 1970 anymore, where break ins were far less frequent than they are today.

Knowing that break ins are a reality and that the neighborhood we think is good is in reality not as good as we would like it to be the logical thing to do is protect ourselves from becoming a statistic. All law enforcement agencies agree that the best way to keep yourself from becoming a victim to burglars is by installing a monitored security system. The next question would be what kind of alarm and with what company do I do business with.

When it comes to home security there really is only one name that has become a household name, and that name is ADT. ADT far exceeds all other companies in every way. ADT has been around since the 1800s and no other alarm company can make that claim. ADT is by far the largest burglar alarm protection company in the world, second to ADT was Brinks Home Security which is now owned by ADT. ADT is the only protection services provider which has multiple central stations. In the event of a natural disaster or any kind of disturbance ADT just has to turn a switch and all of their subscribers accounts switch to one of their other central monitoring stations. No other alarm company has the ability to do that. ADT is the only alarm services provider that offers a full money back guarantee and will release you from your contract if you are truly not 100 % satisfied. ADT will also move your system free of charge if at any point during the term of your contract you move.

Today it is an absolute necessity to have a monitored security system and the company that is best suited to provide that service is ADT. If you haven’t already purchased a security system, don’t wait any longer , get it today, Don’t be one of those persons mentioned earlier who will say I always thought that this is a good neighborhood. If you are concerned that the cost of installing a home security system is not something you can afford, think again, today you can have a complete system installed for just 99 dollars. So what is there to think about? Don’t put it off anymore , call your local ADT authorized dealer Security Concepts today at (305) 424-9219 or toll free at (800) 991 6587.

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