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Is a Mother-in-Law Addition Right For You?

Building a mother-in-law addition is something that many Northern Virginia homeowners consider when an aging parent is living alone or experiences health problems. Bringing an extended family member into the household is a personal choice for both the in-law and adult children. While it may work well for some, it is not for everyone. There are many factors that go into the decision-making process. Here are a few things to consider.

Building a mother-in-law suite as an addition to the house or as an apartment on the Northern Virginia property requires space. Certain jurisdictions require specific easements between the existing home and detached or attached home additions. The project will require building permits which cannot be granted unless there is enough space on the property to pass the zoning requirements. It may be possible to build a Northern Virginia home addition instead of a separate structure on the property. Another option is a second-story remodel on the existing home. This may be above the garage or other single-story portions of the house.

Most mother-in-law additions usually consist of a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen and a living room or den. A separate entrance is usually desirable, especially if the extended family member is able to drive. This allows them to come and go as they please without feeling as though they are being watched or are imposing on the rest of the household. Some planning for the elements of the build-out should include any American With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Other ideas might be a bay window or special built-in shelves for knickknacks or hobby collections. A wheelchair accessible shower may not be necessary at the time, but may come in handy in the future.

Home Value
As house resale values go, bigger is always better. When proper protocols are followed for the Northern Virginia home renovation project, it will likely increase a home’s value. Consider the eventual sale of the home when planning for the remodel. Try to match the addition to the construction style and colors of the original structure so it will blend in better. Use quality materials and appliances. Make sure all elements of the remodel are up to code. Hire a quality Northern Virginia residential remodeling contractor to do the job so that the project will be completed on budget and on time.

Even the closest of families have conflicts. Determine whether separate but nearby quarters will be too close or not close enough. Be sure to get input from everyone living in the home. Keep in mind that the new living situation will be an adjustment for everyone. Be prepared to create some ground rules to make it a comfortable situation for everyone involved.

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