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Is An English Bulldog The Right Pet For You?

Bulldogs rank among the most popular breeds for good reason. Their distinctive qualities and temperament can make them a fine choice for those seeking a gentle affectionate companion. For those seeking an energetic jogging or frisbee buddy who will obey every command with joy, a Bulldog will be a disappointment.

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Adopting a dog on a whim is always a bad plan. Dogs are sentient, emotional creatures who need love and consistent care appropriate to their breed. Considering the addition of a dog into your life and family should only be undertaken after examining your lifestyle and making an objective, honest determination about the realities of dog ownership and your capabilities of giving the dog the best possible home for the duration of its life.

If you’ve decided that a dog will be a positive addition to your family and you are fully prepared for the responsibility, it’s time to select a breed. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with different temperaments and needs. Choosing the right breed for your lifestyle, family, and personality is essential to get the dog that will be the pet you’ve dreamed about.

The English Bulldog

Have you always admired the Bulldog, the mascot of the U.S. Marine Corps? There truly is much to love about this breed, but there are a number of characteristics that are important to look at to decide if a Bulldog is a good match.

The first thing to consider is what you expect from a dog companion. Are you looking for a dog to go jogging in the park with you or do you want a mellow dog to chill with you in the living room while you watch the game? If it’s the first, a Bulldog probably isn’t the right dog for you. Though they do need regular exercise in the form of short walks, they are not tolerant to excessive activity. If you are looking for a great laid-back companion, you can’t do better than a Bulldog. Bulldogs are the most content being indoors with you keeping you company.

If you are looking for a dog who readily obeys your every command, a Bulldog is not a good choice. Though they are very intelligent, they tend to weigh the merits of a command to decide if it’s worth their while to obey or ignore. It’s a charming quality to those who appreciate that personality, but it can be exasperating to those who expect instant obedience.

Do you have young children in the home? If so, a Bulldog can be an excellent choice for the family. They are very protective of children and have a tremendous tolerance for being poked and prodded without becoming annoyed. Their affectionate and gentle nature make them wonderful companions for children.

These are a few of the characteristics typical of Bulldogs that need to be considered before making the decision to include one in your family. If you are convinced that a Bulldog is the perfect match, find a reputable breeder who has home raised your future Bulldog puppy to ensure a happy, healthy pet who will give you years of loving companionship.

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