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Is E-Commerce An Art?

Commerce is the trading of something of value between two entities. That “something” may be goods, services, information, money, or anything else the two entities consider to have value. Commerce is the central mechanism from which capitalism is derived.The process of transforming something into a commercial activity is called commercialization.

A home based business is a business whose primary office is in the owner’s home. The business can be any size or any type as long as the office itself is located in a home.

So you’ve got your website, and people can email you about your products and services. The next step, if your home business is suitable, is to start selling them directly online.

E-commerce can be a massive business booster. If you sell reasonably small, easy-to-ship products (or services that don’t need shipping), it can expand your market from your local neighbourhood to the whole world! You will also find that you get more repeat business, since people can easily re-order from you without having to call you again, and you might find that you can afford to sell lower-value things in your web store than you could in real life, thanks to the reduced overheads.

If you’ve already got a website, setting up e-commerce can be surprisingly easy. The only real requirements are that you get some e-commerce software (it’s not that expensive, and some like OScommerce are even free), and that your web hosting will support whatever programming language the software is written in.

If you think that sounds a bit too technical, just take a look through the help section of your hosting company’s website — you should find something there that explains your specific situation. You never know: some hosts already have everything set up for you, and all you have to do is press a button!

Once you’ve got your ‘shop’ up and running, the next step is to configure it. This mostly involves telling it what you plan to sell, i.e. entering descriptions and prices for the items, as well as uploading pictures. Take some time with the pictures, and make them large and easy to see on the screen. The descriptions should list every feature and benefit each product has, and you might wish to set the prices 10% or so below your normal levels, as an ‘online discount’.

It is important, though, that once you put your items on your e-commerce website you do not allow them to go out of stock. There are few things more frustrating for a customer than seeing something they want to buy and not being allowed to buy it — or, worse, paying for something only to be told that it’ll take weeks to arrive. Think like a customer, don’t forget about your website, and keep things running smoothly.

You won’t usually need any separate campaign for your e-commerce operation, but it’s well worth mentioning its existence on your marketing materials. A few simple words before your web address on anything you hand out can work wonders: ‘visit’ becomes ‘learn more and order online at’. You’ll find that many customers will be more eager to check out what you’re selling when they can do it as easily as typing in a web address.

Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver called Jesus, you will make it to a place called Success. Pass it on to ten people whom you want to see blessed.

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