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Is EcoFresh The New Big Buzz in The MLM World? The EcoFresh Review!!

Is EcoFresh the Next Big Company in the Network Marketing World?

EcoFresh was established in Dallas Texas, and consist of Green Based Products. EcoFresh was created in 1970 with the goal of creating a natural deodorizing cleaner. every one of EcoFresh products were designed with a mission to eradicate odors on contact without the inclusion of enzymes, bleach, alcohol or ammonia, and leaving the cleaned surface area 100% streak-free.

EcoFresh’s product formula was honored as a major success but the company never seemed to get off the ground because vendors was so wrapped up in the chemical based cleaning products. Now sense the economy is starting to be real popular on the green movement, the ecofresh products are now getting major attention and are now once again readily available to all mainstream shoppers.

EcoFresh uses a plant based formula that is in all of it’s products that consist of deionized water, essential plant oils, tree leaf extracts & cereal grains which is said to be the formula that enables the EcoFresh streak-free and shiny surfaces. EcoFresh USA #1 Product is called EcoFresh “3-in-1” triple action cleaner. This product can be used on hard surfaces, glass, and in the air. not a single one of the EcoFresh goods contains any bleach, ammonia or alcohol, and are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

EcoFresh also has another merchandise which is a biodegradable, pesticide-free Eco-Safe “Sticky Bug Trap which is said to work the same way as the old school fly paper. The only difference is that it is made using the same Eco-friendly chemicals and materials that are used with all the other EcoFresh Products. Also the last product that is available is a product referred to as the Refresherator which is said to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. The Refresherator is said to outperform baking soda 8 times over, absorbing odors and moisture which helps to reduce refrigerator run time.

EcoFresh now offers the choice for the distributor to become a Independent distributor/consultant and market the much talked about EcoFresh products. As a EcoFresh Distributor/Consultant it enables you to prosper from the newly designed compensation plan that helps consultants earn a nice income while selling the EcoFresh “Green” Products Line. It also helps in educating people about the major dangers of your typical household chemical products.

Here’s How the EcoFresh Commission Plan Works:

1. 25% Commission will be paid on all EcoFresh products sold in person or from your EcoFresh website.

2. You Can Earn 6% off every sale your personally recruited distributors make, and that is capped off at 48%.

3. You Can also make up to 10% extra commission by selling $2000 or more WV per month.

4. You Can make up to 10% extra when you purchase Master Cases of EcoFresh.

5. You Can Earn an extra 3% by have EcoFresh Directors in your downline.

6. You Can Earn an extra 3% for every level of Generational Directors in your downline.

7. If you hit 1-Star Director you will make an extra $300 a month and if you hit 5-star Director you can make an extra $700 per month ( and that may be used as a car allowance.)

So that’s it in a nutshell…. So my belief on this Organization is They have some good products and I think when when they first started they was just alittle bit ahead of their time, but now how the economy is moving in the direction of the Go Green Era, this is a Great company to be a part of and a great way to make some supplementary cash flow selling products that everyone need and wants.

So Eric Burnett give Eco Fresh 2 thumbs up.

To learn more about how you can have Unbelievable EcoFresh Success . It’s mandatory to learn everything you can about the company before you get started. Visit the following link and you’ll be taken to a Video and you can see our EcoFresh fool-proof success strategy from an industry expert. Eric Burnett
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