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Is Formal Training Required for a Position as a Pharmacy Tech?

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists to fulfill various pharmacy-related jobs. They fill prescriptions and work with medical offices to settle patient insurance issues. They also mix medications, handle verbal prescriptions and manage non-licensed pharmacies. In general, however, pharmacy technicians are not qualified to legally counsel patients on medication. They are responsible for prescription information, patient records and medication. The job requires an eye for detail, accuracy, customer service skills and confidentiality.

Pharmacy technicians rely on their precision to carry-out daily tasks. These tasks may include counting pills, measuring medication, labeling products, verifying prescriptions, assisting patients with insurance forms and tracking insurance data. If you believe that you possess these qualities and would enjoy doing these tasks, then this may be the right career for you.

This career is also ideal as there is a growing need for people in this field. Due to the more active role that pharmacists are taking in direct patient care, this means that the role of the pharmacist is expanding. As the role expands, pharmacist technicians have to fill in the gaps of where the pharmacist leaves off in order to focus on additional responsibilities. Another reason for the growth in demand for pharmacy technicians is that people in North America are living longer which create a higher demand for health care services.

A career in this field does not require formal training, however, employers will look for technicians with good training. In other words, while some pharmacy technicians receive on the job training, some employers may favor ones who have attended a formal training program. What is required though, is registration with the state of employment. Some states also require certification. As with formal education, certification is appealing to employers.

The growing trend of pharmacy technician jobs enables them to work in many areas and environments.

From large retail pharmacies such as Walgreens to local drug stores, there are many opportunities to be explored. Retail jobs translate to working directly with customers. This is the right environment for you if you enjoy helping people and making them happy. Retail pharmacy technician jobs also have the benefit of offering many career advancement opportunities.

Mail Order
This is a fast growing business due to the lower operating costs and the opportunity to serve a broad range of customers. The job duties include receiving mail order prescriptions, reading the prescriptions and verifying if they are complete, counting medication and labeling them. As you can tell, it is very similar to working in a local retail setting. The advantage of being a mail order pharmacy technician is that it affords you to work independently and if customer service is not your strongest ability, it doesn’t matter because you won’t have face-to-face contact with customers.

Hospitals and Nursing Facilities
This environment primarily involves patient care. Pharmacy technicians fill prescriptions, deliver them daily and record quantities on patient charts.

A career as a pharmacy technician can prove to be rewarding. It can provide many opportunities for career advancement. To find out how to start a career in this field, you can check the internet for career resources.

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