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Is SEO Really Necessary for a Website?

Good search engine optimization requires constant attention to detail, extensive research, implementing changes and sometimes even overhauling an entire site. It usually involves consulting an SEO agency with trained SEO experts. With something that requires so much dedication, it will be normal to find publishers who ask the legitimate question, “Is SEO really necessary?”

The simple answer is no – if it doesn’t matter to you whether users visit your site. If it is important to you that traffic reaches your site, and quite frankly it’s difficult to imagine anyone for whom this isn’t the case, then SEO is indispensible, and we’re going to look at some of the reasons why.

SEO Gets You onto Results Pages
Thinking of the Internet as a giant marketplace is quite easy, because that’s essentially what it is. If you set up a stall at a real market there are some considerations that would come to you automatically. You’d want to get a good place to set up your stall, and that would mean somewhere in full view and not hidden in a place where people are unlikely to see it. You’d want to display the goods you’ve come to sell in such a way as to make them visible, available and appealing. Once you’ve accomplished these things, you can feel confident that you’ve done what you can to have a good day trading, as customers start to come your way. It’s the same with the Internet. The only difference is in the specific things you should do to be seen. Getting exposure on the Internet means appearing on search engine results pages for keywords entered into searches. Appearing on results pages is what SEO is concerned with, and it’s a complex science.

SEO Connects You to Robots
The first thing to understand about SEO and getting onto results pages is that it doesn’t happen automatically. It’s a process with several crucial steps, and one of the first is transparency. Search engines use software to find out what’s out there on the web. They send pieces of software called robots to travel the Internet via links and report their findings. This makes sense if you take a moment to consider the vast amount of information there is to see. Robots don’t view sites in the same was as people do, and creating or adjusting a site so that it’s open and accessible to them is one of the most important functions of search engine optimization.

SEO Helps You Stay Competitive
It’s reasonable to ask what business can afford to be without a presence on the Internet these days. Appearing on results pages means more than attracting users, it means status. For a company with a stable customer base and a good reputation to uphold, the Internet provides more than a platform for sales. It’s where to connect with consumers on every level. These days Internet reputation management allows companies to manage their image online. Social media marketing allows for the creation of an online community based around a product or service. Appearing on results pages is much more important than numbers of visitors or even revenue, it’s the difference between opening up for the day and remaining closed.

SEO Encourages Good Marketing
Good SEO is about good marketing, and vice versa. Most of the things you do to optimize a site for search engines make for a better user experience. SEO consultants advise that you make every effort to maximize good link building in a site. Featuring plenty of links within a site makes it much easier for users to navigate it. They’ll tell you to feature good quality original content. That is just the kind of content that users appreciate. In essence, SEO is about doing the things you need to do in order to maintain high standards. Without the need for SEO, it’s likely that everyone’s standards would slip.

In conclusion, there are reasons why SEO is a challenge some would rather not have to face. Life would be much easier for publishers if their site went straight to the top of results pages for their chosen keywords without them having to do anything dedicated to that cause. The marketplace is competitive though, and there is no shortage of sites who desire the same rankings as you. SEO is your friend because it helps you to get onto results. Instead of asking if it’s necessary, be thankful it’s here and that it’s on your side!

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