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Items To Look for In A Transcription Service

When someone hires a transcription service, they are in need of the resulting documents to be completely accurate. This means they are putting a certain amount of trust in the company that will be hired and therefore, that company must be carefully screened in order to ensure it will provide good services. While it is up to the company to do what they were hired to do, it is also up to the client to research the company before they are hired. It is like this because if a client does enough research about the company beforehand, they should have a good idea of what they can expect after it’s all said and done.

So what should a client look for when they are deciding which transcription service to hire? There are several things, in fact. For intstance, there’s the obvious concern of quality. This means that the service in question will have a process already written out for their clients and potential clients to inspect. It means they have a proven track record of accuracy. It also means they include any and all corrections in with their original price.

Once quality has been considered, another important consideration to think about is the turn around time of a project. After all, a transcription project is usually done with a specific time frame. These are important documents and are therefore in need as soon as possible. Companies that are able to provide a guaranteed turnaround time for any of their projects are companies worth taking seriously.

When anyone hires someone to do anything, they would be wise to always check for references. This general rule is no different for transcription. A legal transcription service, for instance, should have several references available to show any potential client who walks through the door. The types of companies that struggle to come up with references are the types that do not want potential clients talking to past clients. This is a very bad sign and a red flag.

The last item to look for is a big one. Hidden costs are difficult to spot if one doesn’t know where to find them. A few places that hidden costs might just be lurking would include the line definitions, minimum volume contracts and additional charges for corrections. There is no reason to sign on with a company that will be bombarding their client with hidden charges. Be sure to look at all the possible areas they can charge extra for in order to be prepared for potential issues that may arise.

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