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Job Search Victim Or Professional?

We had an uncomfortable job search strategy session with Keely a few weeks ago.

She sounded desperate. She had met some unexpected resistance in interviews . . . two in a row. Turns out prospective employers were questioning her about how her background could possibly fit into their organization.

She clutched. She stumbled. She came away from the interview feeling totally defeated. Of course, this colored her enthusiasm for continuing her job search.

Keely’s story is not unique. It happens to all of us in one way or another–especially when we’re looking for a job. The question is: how you respond to it?

Are you going to be a victim or a professional?

1. You’re a victim if you start putting yourself down. You’re a professional if you acknowledge that there’s something you need to learn so this doesn’t happen again.

2. You’re a victim if you blame the employer for failing to see how good you are. You’re a professional if you take the time to understand what an employer’s needs are.

3. You’re a victim if you throw in the towel because you’re discouraged. You’re a professional if you pick up the pieces and move forward to the next encounter.

4. You’re a victim if you let your friends make excuses for you. You’re a professional if you ask your friends to practice with you so you can do better the next time.

5. You’re a victim if you get angry and just give up. You’re a professional if you understand why you would be angry. And then get over it ands move on toward your goal.

Finding a job is never easy. There are plenty of bumps in the road that can discourage you. On the other hand, there are wonderful strategies and techniques that can get you past the bumps and turn you into a job search professional.

When you determine to take the professional approach no matter how many obstacles come your way, you’ve dramatically moved the odds in your favor. And you WILL get a great job offer!

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