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Just How Do You Find A Very Good Wind Mill?

After you have done your background work to know what kind of wind device you want and need, the next question is, how do you find the best wind generator on the market?

That is not a simple question to answer but here are several steps to take that will narrow the choices down for you. You need to understand several key facts about the turbines you are considering and then the rest is up to you to use that data to calculate which is best for your needs.

Below are the things you need to know to tell the best from all the rest:

1. Installed Cost – this is the “first cost”, or purchase price of the unit, plus installation. Depending on where you are putting your wind turbine up, the installation can be vastly different in cost.

2. Kilowatt Rating – all wind generators have their “kilowatt rating”. They sometimes even name their products to reflect it like, the “Windtura 750”, is a 750 watt wind turbine. To explain a little further, the watt rating is the amount of power achievable at a certain wind speed – usually, around 30 mph. If you think that is high you are right! The amount of wind most people have on their property averages much less than that – on the order of an average 9 or 10 mph so, you have to factor down the manufacturer\’s nominal rating by a good bit to figure out how much power you will actually create with your wind.

3. Ongoing Costs – there are 2 aspects of costs going forward that you need to approximate – the cost of replacement parts and the cost of regular maintenance. The replacement parts are usually the blades and maintenance is usually only needed annually. It would be wise to add 10% to that total figure for ongoing costs in order to cover anything unforeseen.

4. Cut-in Speed – this is the speed the wind generator starts to make power. You need to make sure you are careful to purchase a wind turbine with a cut-in speed much lower than your average wind velocity.

5. Furling Speed – this is the wind speed the device shuts down. This is to keep it from self-destructing when the winds get too strong in a storm.

Once you have these items nailed down you will know what you need to know to compare and find the best wind generator for your specific needs.

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