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Keep The Family Protected With a Refog Keylogger

There are many things on the internet today that can be harmful to those who are not prepared to see them. This is particularly true for children, as there are many website promoting adult situations. This is why there is such a need for the Refog Keylogger to be installed on computers.

This system keeps track of keystrokes that are initiated by a user. This could be useful to those who want to keep track of family members that might look at something they should not look at. Despite the many ways that people want to cover their tracks, the keylogger is able to detect it.

The system keeps track of a lot of things that are done while a user is on the computer. It saves words from the clipboard. Screenshots are also taken, so there is the whole picture about what that user was doing while logged in. It also records websites visited and applications that were ran as well.

This keylogger runs completely invisible and is not detectable in anyway. There is no way that anyone can log into this system without the password. There is also no way anyone could uninstall it without the password. The system is secure from those that are computer savvy enough to be able to hack into it.

There is no maintenance with this system. It is very easy to install. Downloading it from the internet, double clicking, and setting a master password is all that is necessary from the user. It will also update itself on its own. It will periodically check for updates and download them all on its own.

The system will sometimes not place its files in with the anti-virus program, so it will not be included with the scans. This could be bad if the program somehow becomes infected. This can be fixed by reinstalling the program.

One of the problems with the system, is that when Vista is used it is no longer possible for people to use the shortcut keys to bring up the program. The keylogger icon will need to be placed on the desktop to fix this problem.

Using a keylogger would be a wise idea for those who want to keep track of what is being done while a user is logged on. It could be used in businesses to keep track of what employees are doing to make sure they are not wasting time as well. For a system that can deliver everything it promises, then check out the Refog Keylogger.

By Mindy Matter for – Here you’ll learn about refog