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Key Facts About Mortgage Processing Companies

Choosing the Right Mortgage

Mortgage processing firms have the expertise to assist its clients in deciding between several loan options and assisting them in closing with a great level of success. Accessing a loan with a variety of lenders can be confusing to many potential borrowers and at times individuals and organizations are unaware of where to start and which company is the best to approach. Having a mortgage processor will eliminate the doubt and stress in seeking out a loan.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mortgage Processing

With every function there is the need for the human resources to accomplish the tasks involved. For small businesses it may be financial beneficial to outsource these functions. With regards to mortgage processing using an external company can allow you to save time and money; reduce your staffing needs; increase your company’s profitability; and ensure that your loans are in compliance with industry regulations. To get loans closed in today’s economic climate there is the need for a mortgage processor who can see pitfalls before they stop you or your organization from closing. Mortgage processing companies can also provide resources for the mortgage broker community as well with access to lending companies and program support. Here you can place loans, get answers to questions, and network with other successful broker companies.

Types of Loan Processing

There are various types of loans available to individuals and organizations and having a mortgage processing company expertly handle your transaction will ensure quality service during the loan process. The mortgage processing company can expertly handled loans types such as, conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA.

Conventional mortgages are the most commonly used type and usually has the best rates. A small business will typically require have at least a 10% down payment and good credit to qualify for the loan. This loan can be for 15 or 30 years or “interest only” where the company is not paying any principal in the payment. FHA loans have lowest down payment available that can go as low as 3.5%. However, FHA loans require the purchase of mortgage insurance and payment of the insurance premiums is the responsibility of the borrower. Mortgage insurance is a policy that protects the lender in case the borrower stops making payments on the loan. This allows lenders to offer loans with less than 20% down payment. VA loans do not need any down payment, but the borrower must be a veteran. VA loans are therefore Zero down payment loans. A USDA Rural Housing Loan is also a Zero down payment loan, but this loan facility can only be accessed in designated areas that are based on a particular definition. Mortgage processing companies will be able to take the stress and confusion out of the loan process and as it brings expert advice in an industry that is teeming with many offerings.

In order to choose the right loan expert advice is best outsourced. A mortgage processing company will possess the human resources with the sound processing knowledge, experience and expertise to guide its clients towards choosing the best possible loan while making the process as easy painless and easy as possible.

Written by Amitaabh Saboo

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