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Know About Telephone Sales Skills

Maintaining an appropriate attitude and technique will considerably influence the ability of a telephone sales representative to finalize any sale. There are certain guidelines and tips that are imperative in improving sales technique, that once implemented, will enhance overall performance. A few of the more essential ones will be discussed briefly in this article. Holding a career within this field will necessitate a proven track record of success which is easily determined by judging how many sales are made daily.

Each representative is usually given a quota that should be met if he or she is to be deemed successful at the given task. Many of these calls are regularly monitored by employers or supervisors to make certain that the customers are being treated fairly and also that the sales person is performing in accordance with certain professional standards. It is consequently, very important that all telesales representatives have the necessary knowledge and techniques to operate at the expected levels of professionalism and competence.

Tips and Guidelines

Create or use an enticing opening statement. Having a powerful opening statement will guarantee that you will make the best first impression possible. If you are not persistent in using a properly constructed opening statement you may soon realize that you are not able to connect with your customers very easily from the outset of the call.

You must give off confidence when you speak to your customer. Any self doubt will be apparent in your voice. Even though you will not be directly speaking to your customer face to face he or she will be able to pick up the tell tale signs of little or no self confidence. You will need to speak at a steady and consistent pace that is audible but not excessive.

Know your product. Do not begin to sell any product until you have learnt all you must about the product. Study the product as you would a lesson learnt during your schooling period. Most companies will hire trainers to help you in this area. While in training you will be periodically tested on your knowledge of the product(s). However because it is easy to forget some of what you have learnt it is consequently essential to consistently reread all the information you have at your disposal.

Believe in your product. Knowing your product is a great accomplishment, but you should also believe in what you are promoting. Though most people will enter these jobs and not care about what they are selling, you should still be able to convince yourself that this product is a necessity. If you do not believe in the product it will affect your overall confidence.

Simply put: no product confidence = no self or sale confidence.Build a rapport with the customer. You may do this by asking the customer how he or she is doing before suddenly starting the conversation about your product. Once you recognize some common ground, have a short but meaningful conversation about whatever may incite some interest.

Listen Always listen to what your customer is saying even if you believe you know exactly what he or she will say. Do not interrupt the customer while he or she is speaking to mention or clarify any points, allow him or her to say all that needs to be said. To let him or her know that you are listening, once he or she has finished speaking, which will be obvious by the pause, repeat what he or she has said in the form of a question.

For example: “So you are saying you’d like a lotion that doesn’t make the skin feel oily but that will still keep it soft yet firm?” By repeating exactly what he or she has said you will be able to let your customer know that what he or she has said is extremely important.

Practice your technique. Once you have understood all that you need to do, it will be important that you practice. You can do this by role playing. Stage mock calls with friends or associates in your work environment to test how well you perform your phone skills. Create different scenarios that will exercise your ability to handle different kinds of customers. Once you have mastered these techniques in practice it will be easier to use them in actual conversations.

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