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Knowing When to Buy a New Home

Knowing the right time when you should go out and purchase a home is not only based on the rates of the real estate market but the situation that you currently find yourself in. When it comes to the prices of homes, prices in many areas are significantly lower than they have ever been in the last ten years.

This indicates that purchasing a home today would be a good idea, if you’re interested in buying one, that is. Why wait around to see whether the prices continue to drop? You could wait to see whether or not the prices continue to decrease and suddenly they bounce right back up. It’s next to impossible to predict when prices will rise and fall.

The rates of mortgages are another thing that you have to consider. Although the rates today are fairly low, we have witnessed their rise with the likelihood of this continuing to be fairly high based on the reality that interest rates will also have to go up in order to offset the debt.

Although the mortgage rate and home prices are two very important components for you to look out for when purchasing a home, you still have to think about your own situation.

Do you have plans of living in the area for more than five years? Do you have a stable income? It’s best practice for you to have several months mortgage payments set aside in order to protect yourself during the harsher times and just incase you end up without a job for a number of months. If you don’t have any sort of savings to cushion yourself on, then you are not ready.

You must examine your current situation before you can determine whether or not it’s the best time for you to acquire a new home. The prices of homes today indicate that it’s a good time for you to go out and purchase a home and the interest rates are still fairly good, so if you think you are ready then go right ahead.

If you plan on selling a home in order to purchase a larger one, then it makes sense for you to work both ends, if the buying and selling and the interest rates are good, then it’s good for you to buy. Negotiating power will exist for you on both transactions. Today, selling a property will be on the downside, while purchasing one will constitute the up side.

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